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Shure Innovates Audio Conferencing with MXA920

Audio Conferencing Revolution

Audio leader Shure continues pushing boundaries in conferencing audio, unveiling integrated products like the new MXA920 ceiling array microphone and loudspeaker. Designed specifically for small and mid-sized meeting rooms, this all-in-one unit delivers pristine pickup and amplification in a sleek single enclosure. Product Manager Cassie Berger spotlights how it builds on learnings from earlier offerings to streamline deployment while enhancing voice intelligibility.

Berger explains their thinking behind combining microphone elements and a 2.5-inch loudspeaker driver into one compact housing. For contexts approximately up to 30 by 30 feet, the MXA920 can wholly replace sound reinforcement systems as a simplified audio conferencing solution. It facilitates crystal-clear participant pickup along with ample volume distribution for playback and program material. The integrated form factor avoids aesthetically cluttering ceilings and simplifies installations.

Based on Excellence

Shure’s original ceiling array microphone, the MXA910, first unveiled steering capabilities through advanced digital signal processing. But it lacked built-in sound projection, requiring external loudspeakers that made spacing and positioning trickier. The MXA920 changes the game by unifying these components for faster conference room commissioning and a cleaner overhead profile. It also better accounts for environmental factors upfront rather than forcing extensive tuning.

Whereas the MXA910 often mandated extensive post-installation equalization and level calibration, Berger says the MXA920 works beautifully out-of-box. Its integrated loudspeaker and advanced processing mean speech pickup sounds balanced and consistent without dramatic tweaking. She states it can handle larger spaces than expected given its driver size since the factory optimizes directionality and equalization. The improvements also encompass Shure’s complete wireless conferencing ecosystem.

Refreshing Audio Conferencing

Over 50 wireless microphone models got refreshed internals to modernize production pipelines. Berger explains that supply chain shortfalls forced redesigns around obtainable components anyway. So rather than making superficial part substitutions, Shure Engineering reworked products benefiting end performance and accessibility. Now backorders shrink to three months maximum as manufacturing normalizes.

IT leaders stretched thin optimizing hybrid work infrastructure can leverage Shure’s purpose-built audio conferencing hardware and expertise. As remote collaboration persists while offices reopen, enterprises recognize that poor meeting room experiences frustrate in-person audiences. Room audio now represents foundational connectivity on par with wireless networks and peripheral devices. The MXA920 demonstrates a customer-inspired commitment to moving ecosystems forward.

Visit to explore conferencing. She welcomes inquiries from tech managers navigating the new work paradigm. With the MXA920 ceiling microphone and speaker combo joining video bars and touch controllers in their lineup, Shure enables offices to recreate premium conferencing locally. The audio innovators stay tuned into customer needs to keep boosting these building blocks.


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