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Keep Control Room Display Running with Fully Redundant LED Displays

Mission Critical Control Room Displays

Uptime is everything in 24/7 control room environments monitoring vital systems and facilities. Sharp NEC specially engineered its FA Series LED video walls to eliminate single points of failure through full redundancy, ensuring seamless continuity for non-stop critical operations. Those redundancies keep control room displays operational.

These cutting-edge LED display cabinets each contain two power supplies and two video cards that concurrently run all components. Content continues perfectly displaying should one power or video element experience problems. The builds in analytics automatically alert IT staff of exactly which component needs replacement without requiring emergency troubleshooting. Specialists simply order parts thanks to predictive capabilities and dispatch technicians at scheduled maintenance windows.

Redundancy is Key

The front-serviceable design also facilitates rapid repairs with minimal impact on live feeds. Technicians can swap out failed power or video cards in minutes while the secondary components handle all processing and display duties. The FA Series LED walls deliver the resilient performance and predictive management capabilities essential for control rooms overseeing mission-critical infrastructure and services.

Operators in sectors like utilities, telecommunications, security, aerospace and government rely on their visual feeds to react instantly to issues that may impact thousands or millions of customers. Every minute of downtime translates directly to revenue losses and reduced public services that jeopardize productivity and safety. The stakes don’t get higher than when lives depend on infrastructure under their monitoring purview.

Always On Control Room Display

Sharp NEC’s FA Series LED display walls finally offer an ultra-reliable solution purpose-built for these environments. While no technology guarantees 100% uptime, the FA Series minimizes risks through its fully redundant and front-serviceable architecture. And smart predictive notifications facilitate the types of proactive maintenance critical to sustainable peak performance. Control room technology leaders can’t afford to gamble with consumer-grade displays unfit for their zero-tolerance operational integrity requirements. The FA Series delivers the assurance and resilience they demand.

Sharp NEC recognizes that every minute of outage directly translates to enterprise productivity and revenue losses. While no technology provides 100% uptime guarantees due to statistical inevitabilities, they’ve engineered one of the most resilient LED platforms to minimize this risk. Redundancy requires greater upfront expenses for the duplicate components but pays off dramatically over decades of daily use. And practically every business has been burned by displays abruptly going dark at the worst possible moment. Sharp NEC answers those concerns for organizations where failure is not an option.


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