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AVer Launches AmpliWave Classroom Audio Solution at FETC 2024

Aver is the provider of education technology and video collaboration camera solutions, enhances productivity and learning, utilizing AI, USB, document cameras, and green processes.

AVer Information Inc. will attend the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC)  to unveil its latest innovation, the AmpliWave Classroom Audio Solution.

The AmpliWave system, boasting a plug-and-play configuration, anti-howling technology, and the capability to project microphone audio, is considered a significant advancement by AVer. It is user-friendly design, easy setup, and competitive pricing. AVer’s participation in the conference is driven by the desire to connect with educators and technologists, presenting them with cutting-edge solutions for the education sector.

AVer Information Inc. , the award-winning provider of video collaboration and education technology solutions, has announced their participation at the Future of Education Technology®️ Conference (FETC), where educators and technologists engage with the thought leaders and pioneers leading the charge in classrooms, schools, and districts. AVer is set to unveil its latest innovation, the AmpliWave Classroom Audio Solution, while also showcasing a lineup of award-winning classroom solutions designed to keep students engaged in any learning environment.

AmpliWave is a wireless audio amplification system that will change the way students listen and learn in the classroom. With its plug-and-play receiver, wall-mount speakers, and wireless microphones, AmpliWave empowers teachers to manage their classroom through the power of their amplified voice with a range up to 1500 sq ft, or 60 feet. AmpliWave also offers anti-howling technology that removes distracting audio interference and distortion. AmpliWave’s speakers can simultaneously project microphone audio along with other sources like background music or sound effects to elevate lesson content. The included wireless mics are packed with an industry-leading 8 to 10 hours of talk time so they can be used for a full school day. With their fast-charging capability, microphones can reach a 10% charge in approximately 10 minutes using the provided charger.

“We are excited to offer a new innovation in the audio product category this year with AmpliWave, aiming to empower educators in cultivating engagement and facilitating optimal learning experiences for both students and teachers alike,” says Aalap Patel, Director of Product- ProAV/K12, AVer Information Inc. “AmpliWave will be a game changer with its ease of use, plug and play setup and attractive price point compared to our competitors.”

AVer will be debuting the new U50+ USB FlexArm Document Camera, award winning B30E36C+, and C36i+ charging solutions. Join AVer at FETC on January 24-26 at the Orange County Convention Center booth #909 in Orlando, FL.

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