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New Logic of Work for Optimal UCC

UCC Solutions from Logitech

The hybrid work revolution is changing how, when, and where employees meet and collaborate. However, supporting this new paradigm requires rethinking traditional unified communications and collaboration (UCC) spaces. Logitech looks to address this with their “New Logic of Work” on display at the recent CTI trade show.

AV Nation’s Tim Albright met with Logitech’s Michelle Trapani at CTI for insights on empowering UCC in the hybrid world. As Trapani explained, they now support users across shared offices, focus rooms, and home workspaces. The goal is to enable engaging meeting experiences regardless of location, all centered around UCC solutions tailored to hybrid workflows.

Hybrid Everywhere

Logitech highlights include the new Logi Dock meeting room console. Logi Dock neatly integrates a compute module into the Rally Bar video conferencing system for all-in-one UCC. Intelligent camera tracking ensures remote participants get the same meeting equity as those in-room. This means remote users now also benefit from individual video feeds, not just a room view.

As Trapani noted, products like Logi Dock shift the focus onto the far-end UCC experience – what matters for inclusive collaboration. It exemplifies Logitech’s user-centric design philosophy underlying its evolving portfolio. The aim is transparent, reliable, and equitable UCC spaces accommodating the nuances of hybrid mobile teams.

UCC for All

Logitech also offers sophisticated solutions for personal workspaces to complement shared UCC rooms. This allows equipping home offices with enterprise-grade audio, video, and device peripherals for optimal remote meeting connectivity. Users can thus maintain meeting parity without complex room system dependencies.

Customers keen on providing a next-generation collaboration experience as part of enabling hybrid team success can explore more at Logitech’s breadth caters from personal workspaces like home offices to immersive meeting spaces. The common thread is understanding users first, and then crafting UCC products around their needs and workflows.

Logitech’s perspective mirrors a broader industry shift to recast UCC around flexible, user-focused principles. As remote and hybrid work persists, delivering simple yet powerful collaboration tools ensures technology enables human connections rather than hindering them.

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