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How Starin Bridges The Gap For Integrators

During CTI’s National Sales Meeting, we got to chat with a host of partners and business within the AV industry about the latest innovations in the space. In the AVNation studio, we sat down with Starin’s Key Account Manager Tony Fragale to discuss their role within a project and helping integrators to get what they need.

Starin talks about the potential of regional shows like CTI’S National Sales Meeting and interacting with end-users. They have a unique position in the industry by going directly to higher education technology managers. It’s not just to set themselves apart from other distributors. This provides a relationship between those buyers and Starin.

Another way that Starin sets themselves apart are free design services for sales reps. They have an engineering team to assist integrators in projects. Having something like this in a pinch can be crucial for integrators. Fragale notes the success of these services for both integrators and their team at Starin.

Looking to the future, Fragale sees potential in the higher education market. “I think for the first time, what we’ve seen is a lot of silos [at universities.]I think with organizations like HETMA, higher education is becoming more of a complete purchase.” Rather than a cascade of projects between departments, campuses are becoming more forward thinking in their technology planning.

Find out more about how Starin and other partners are being used by CTI to create amazing spaces for working. For more information on the inner workings of the industry, check out AVWeek and our other suites of shows.

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