Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Shure’s Cloud Platform: Taking Control of Your Audio Devices Like Never Before

AVNation’s Tim Albright caught up with Chris Merrick from Shure at ISE 2024, where Shure showcased new announcements, including their latest microphone technologies and innovative software solutions.

Shure introduced the MXW wireless microphone series, featuring a new form factor and an all-in-one wireless access point and battery charger. This revolutionary design streamlines setup and pairing, making it ideal for educational environments and other applications where ease of use is paramount. Additionally, Shure unveiled the MXA 901, a sleek microphone array designed for seamless integration into architectural spaces. With versatile mounting options and superior sound quality, the MXA 901 offers a flexible solution for conference rooms and meeting spaces.

Shure’s Cloud platform and System API offer comprehensive management tools for monitoring and controlling Shure devices. With Cloud-based accessibility and seamless integration capabilities, Shure Cloud provides a centralized hub for managing device status, software licenses, and technical support. The System API allows for integration with third-party asset management systems, providing IT directors with enhanced visibility and control over their AV infrastructure.

Reflecting on Shure’s evolution as not only a microphone manufacturer but also a leading software engineering organization, Chris emphasized the company’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

For those seeking more information about Shure’s latest innovations or to explore their virtual reality, visit Stay tuned to AVNation for further updates and insights from ISE 2024.


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