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Datapath innovation ensures Control Room harmony at InfoComm 2024

Datapath offers innovative multi-display video walls, small- to medium-scale video walls in enterprise collaboration environments, and command and control room video walls. With over 100 customers worldwide, Datapath prioritizes quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction, ensuring Excellent by Design solutions.

Datapath will showcase new advancements at InfoComm 2024, including improved API compatibility with third-party hardware, Aetria Touch tablet for video wall control, VSNMini 300 controller, and Aligo TX100 4K transmitter.

These innovations are crucial for modernizing control rooms, offering greater flexibility, compatibility, and ease of use. The enhanced API support allows for smoother integration into existing systems, reducing the need for overhauls. The Aetria Touch tablet and VSNMini 300 cater to the need for intuitive and powerful control interfaces in compact, mission-critical environments. The Aligo TX100 transmitter supports high-definition video transmission, crucial for maintaining high-quality visual communication in control rooms. These advancements ensure that control room operators can manage complex setups more efficiently and effectively.

Datapath, world-leading engineers of visual solutions, continues its mission to revolutionize control rooms with a range of US debuts at InfoComm 2024.

In the face of the increasing number of control room challenges, Datapath has increased both its hardware and software portfolio for its Aetria solution, an integrated platform for control rooms of any size.

Being used in Las Vegas will be Datapath’s latest advances to its API (application programming interface), making Aetria more compatible with third-party hardware than ever before. Latest modules include compatibility with Crestron and Q-SYS products, making it easy to adopt into legacy systems or as a first step to a fully updated control room solution.

Further benefitting a seamless Control Room operator experience, visitors to Datapath’s W2117 booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center will get a first look at Aetria Touch, a dedicated tablet device that provides finger-tip control of video walls and workstations, along with the VSNMini 300 – a modern personal video wall controller with slick, compact aesthetics on the outside, but with all the critical components and heavyweight processing power expected in mission-critical environments on the inside.

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Aetria Touch is Datapath’s dedicated touch panel for Aetria installations. The 10.1-inch tablet is available now, with two distinct user modes of operation. Pre-packaged with Basic mode, users will be able to open pre-set layouts on video walls, whilst customers upgrading their environment to Advanced mode will encompass a full touch-based user interface, allowing greater control with features such as source drag and drop, layout design, scaling of content windows and video wall zoom capability.

An addition to Datapath’s award-winning VSN processor range, the VSNMini 300 gets its first US showing at InfoComm. The dedicated personal video wall controller is available now, designed to be inconspicuous and space conscious for the modern operator workstation environment.

For use either as a Personal Video Wall controller/Workstation within an Aetria environment or as a standalone video wall controller for small installations, the VSNMini 300 supports the latest standards including 12th Generation Intel Processors (i9, i7, i5) and NVMe (M.2) SSD storage for maximum performance. Graphics and capture capabilities are provided via three PCIe slots that can be configured as required with Datapath’s Image graphics, Vision capture, and ActiveSQX IP decode/encode cards.

Datapath has also added the Aligo TX100, a single 4K/quad HD transmitter, to its award winning Aligo range. Scalable to any requirement. the Aligo TX100 accepts a single 4K input or four independent HD inputs.

Visitors to Datapath’s booth ion Las Vegas can witness a replicated Control Room in action, showing how the TX100 complements the existing Aligo RX100 single receiver and provides cost-effective and convenient HD support. Improving KVM ability, multi-head Groups are now supported in Aetria Workstation for Aligo devices. This enables the ability to display singular or multi-headed group sources on Aetria Workstation with full keyboard and mouse control.

Datapath’s US and international management teams will be on-hand to discuss any aspect of these latest innovations and how they can assist in the design and operation of your next control room project.


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