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Navori Labs Unveils Next-Gen StiX 3800 AI Signage Player

Swiss software innovator Navori Labs offers professional digital signage and AI-driven marketing analytics solutions, enhancing business performance and customer experience with over 25 years of experience.

Navori Labs is launching the StiX 3800, an ultra-compact, AI-powered device designed to enhance digital signage with smart, interactive capabilities. The StiX 3800 offers advanced audience measurement, real-time content automation, and analytics, providing businesses with tools to boost viewer engagement and refine communication strategies. It supports seamless 4K content playback and simplifies installation with single-network connectivity and PoE.

The StiX 3800 aims to make AI-driven content automation and advanced analytics accessible to a broader audience. By improving processing speeds, simplifying deployment, and emphasizing sustainability, Navori Labs addresses key industry trends: understanding and dynamically tailoring content to audiences, streamlining hardware installation and maintenance, and advancing professional standards through certifications. This innovation helps businesses improve audience interaction and content effectiveness.

Navori Labs continues to blur the lines between content and AI-driven audience engagement with the introduction of StiX 3800, an ultra-compact, AI-powered device that transforms digital signage into smart, interactive experiences. To debut at InfoComm next month, the StiX 3800’s low price and simple integration makes AI-driven content automation and advanced analytics accessible for all users, allowing businesses to boost viewer interactions and refine communication strategies through real-time audience metrics and actionable insights. Navori Labs exhibits at Booth W1957.

The StiX 3800 continues Navori Labs’ path of innovation for AI and digital signage, using computer vision technology to trigger AI-driven content and generate rich data beyond displays. The StiX 3800 comes equipped with advanced audience measurement capabilities that help users better understand their audience and how content performs. Users can tailor content on-the-fly to meet viewer preferences and behaviors, leveraging immediate feedback from footfall, dwell time, people, and vehicle analytics to make informed decisions.

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Navori Labs has also emphasized performance in the StiX 3800 design, which accelerates processing speeds to 100 percent faster than its predecessor. The improved performance closes the gap between seamless content delivery and dynamic audience engagement, allowing businesses to support flawless 4K@60 content playback with stunning clarity and detail.

The StiX 3800 also simplifies the activation process without technical intervention, requiring only a single network to carry high-resolution content and PoE. The latter accentuates the StiX 3800’s sustainability benefits, including long-duration performance (50,000 hours) and automatic screen activation upon detecting audiences. Ease of use is enhanced by the capability to deploy new content across multiple locations within minutes, ensuring messages stay timely and relevant.

“Our latest innovation reflects trends in the digital signage software industry that will develop into three key areas,” said Jérôme Moeri, CEO of Navori Labs. “Foremost is the rise of applications used to understand the audience and tailor content dynamically to various situations. Second is the emphasis on streamlined installation and maintenance of hardware. The StiX 3800 takes a leadership position on advancing both trends, proving that Navori Labs remains at the forefront of digital signage innovation.”

Moeri says consolidation and professionalization among software vendors represents a third trend that is gaining steam, noting the increased acquisition of SOC2 and ISO certifications (Navori is SOC2 compliant) as evidence that the industry continues to evolve. InfoComm takes place June 12-14 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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