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Crestron Control Features Are Now Accessible Natively from Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, Cisco Webex, and Google Meet Unified Communications Platforms

Crestron develops technology for various work environments, enhancing communication and collaboration through cloud-based platforms, devices, and systems. Their solutions aim to improve productivity, speed, and efficiency, ensuring better work experiences worldwide.

Crestron Electronics has announced the expansion of its Crestron Control capabilities to more unified communications (UC) platforms. This integration allows users to manage room controls and meeting controls from a single interface, simplifying the user experience and making it more seamless across different hardware and software environments.

This expansion responds to customer demand for more flexible and integrated control solutions in meeting spaces. By providing native control across a wider range of UC platforms, Crestron aims to enhance meeting management, improve user experience, and streamline operations for organizations using various UC systems.

Crestron Electronics, a leader in workplace technology and automation, today announces it has added new points of control for unified communications systems, making it easier than ever to take advantage of in-room automation for every meeting or presentation. Crestron Control has long been available on Crestron Flex solutions, and this latest expansion brings native control to more UC platforms. What was historically handled with two separate devices has been simplified into a singular interface, cleaning up the table and removing barriers to grant more users access to leading room controls from Crestron.

“Customers have been clamoring for this added flexibility from Crestron Control. Now, organizations can experience the power and versatility of Crestron Control across a wider range of UC solutions, simplifying meeting management and enhancing the overall user experience,” said Frost & Sullivan’s Vice President of Research, Roopam Jain.

UC Platform Versatility

Through direct integration with the UC platform providers to streamline the meeting experience, users can reach their Crestron Control solutions from any hardware vendor. Previously introduced with Zoom Rooms® software, Cisco Webex® meetings, and the Google Meet® platform, Crestron Control is now available on Microsoft Teams® Rooms on Windows® OS with page flip integration. The control page fits seamlessly with each UC platform, creating an effortless transition for users to go from meeting controls to room controls. With Crestron Construct™ configuration software, the control GUI can match the standard platform interface, creating a familiar user experience and keeping control at their fingertips from one device.

“Control is where Crestron got started, and we pride ourselves on the strength of that legacy,” said Brad Hintze, EVP of global marketing at Crestron. “This expansion is an impactful move that grants more choices for our customers to deliver a better experience in these spaces by leveraging the strength of Crestron Control for today’s meetings.”

Crestron Control from any UC Hardware Solution Even if an organization has selected another provider for UC hardware, control is now only a tap away, and users can access the most seamless control experience from Crestron. Crestron Control brings meetings to life while simplifying the experience for any user.

Crestron Control has a legacy of managing small huddle rooms to the most complex, mission-critical spaces. Now, that flexibility expands beyond room size and complexity to bring added versatility and choice to the interfaces where these controls are selected. With this latest expansion, users can leverage the reliability and expansive features of Crestron Control, regardless of the UC platform and hardware provider.

To learn more about the possibilities with Crestron Control and the platform’s expanded offerings, InfoComm® 2024 trade show attendees can visit the Crestron Booth #C8100 in Central Hall.



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