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Listen Technologies and Ampetronic to Demonstrate Auri™ for Assistive Listening at HLAA 2024 Convention

Ampetronic, a manufacturer of assistive listening solutions, specializes in hearing loop systems used in education, hospitality, corporate, and public spaces. Listen Technologies enhances communication accessibility for hearing-impaired individuals.

Listen Technologies Corporation and Ampetronic are introducing Auri™, an Auracast™ broadcast audio-based assistive listening solution, at the HLAA 2024 Convention. Auri™ allows people with hearing aids and other compatible devices to receive high-quality audio in public spaces. The product, co-developed by the two companies, features multi-channel transmitters, dedicated receivers, and accessories to improve accessibility and listening experiences.

By providing advanced technology that allows high-quality audio transmission to Auracast™ compatible devices, they aim to enhance the listening experience in public spaces, ensuring everyone can access clear audio. Their participation in the convention and educational workshops underscores their dedication to supporting the hearing loss community and advancing assistive listening solutions.

Listen Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of advanced wireless listening solutions for 26 years, and Ampetronic, world-leading providers of audio induction loop systems, are bringing Auracast™ broadcast audio-based assistive listening to the HLAA 2024 Convention in Phoenix June 26-29, 2024.

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic will offer HLAA 2024 Convention attendees a preview of Auri™, the first complete, installed Auracast™ broadcast audio-based assistive listening solution. Auri™ is the first product Listen Technologies and Ampetronic have co-developed since announcing their partnership. Auri™ is expected to ship later this year.

The HLAA, or Hearing Loss Association of America, Convention is an annual communication-accessible conference designed to support hundreds of people with hearing loss from all walks of life around the United States. Attendees at the Convention are invited to experience Auracast™ broadcast audio and see demonstrations of Auri™ at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) booth 405-407 and during select educational workshops.

Transforming the Way Hearing Assistance is Delivered in Public Spaces

Auracast™ broadcast audio is a new standard for Bluetooth® Low Energy that can broadcast audio simultaneously to an unlimited number of Auracast™ compatible devices. In spaces where Auracast™ broadcast audio is available, people with hearing aids, cochlear implants, earbuds, receivers, or other devices that are Auracast™ compatible will be able to receive high-quality audio from a public Auracast™ transmitter without added noise or effects caused by the room environment. This will provide both improved experience and broader inclusivity.

Auri™ is the first-generation Auracast™ broadcast audio-based assistive listening solution that lets venues and end users access the emerging Auracast™ market now.

Auri™ Increases Audio Accessibility and Provides Better Listening Experiences

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic designed Auri™ as a complete solution that includes networked installation transmitters for multi-channel broadcast for any size space, with the option for open or secure transmission. The solution also includes dedicated receivers and docking stations. Most venues will use the dedicated receivers so guests without Auracast™ compatible devices can access Auracast™ broadcast audio.

Auri™ will feature a complete line of accessories, including headphones, neck loops (or personal induction loops), and network management and configuration software. Auri™ will offer multi-language support. When combined with neck loops and signage, Auri™ will help venues meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or global accessibility requirements for assistive listening.

Leaders in Innovation Committed to Helping Everyone Hear Better

Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are part of Allvida, a rapidly growing group of companies offering products and solutions for accessibility. Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are also active members of the Bluetooth SIG working to make Auracast™ broadcast audio, a reliable, new assistive listening option, as widely available as possible.

Tracy Bathurst, chief technology officer at Listen Technologies, and Sam Burkinshaw, head of business development at Ampetronic, will join Chuck Sabin from the Bluetooth SIG, and Rich Fischer from GN ReSound, a manufacturer, to lead an educational workshop at the HLAA 2024 Convention. The workshop, titled “Keeping up with Progress and Deployment of Auracast™ Broadcast Audio – Latest Updates from the Market,” will take place Friday, June 28, from 2:30-3:45 p.m. All HLAA 2024 Convention attendees are invited to attend this workshop to learn more and experience Auracast™ broadcast audio.

“We commend HLAA for their dedication to accessibility and inclusion. At Listen Technologies, we share this commitment and believe in providing innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of each venue and end user. We believe that everyone should have the best possible listening experience, regardless of the setting,” said Bathurst. “We are honored to present at a workshop at this year’s HLAA Convention and to join Ampetronic, GN ReSound, the Bluetooth SIG, HLAA, and other advocates for the hearing loss community in showcasing technologies that increase accessibility to clear audio for everyone.”



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