Thursday, February 29, 2024
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NEC's big play at DSE 2018

Big data and analytics will be the next step for display manufacturer NEC.

Herman Pro AV on partnering with AVI-SPL

Providing temporary audiovisual talent is a challenge. Herman Pro AV explains how they execute with companies like AVI-SPL.

From Sharp's AV to AVI-SPL Canada

AVNation sat down with Jeff Faber of AVI-SPL about the aquisition of Sharp's AV, company culture, and what makes a good audiovisual integrator.

AVI-SPL talks services, SAS 2018

Selling and designing audiovisual solutions, managed services, and AV as a service globally.

SDVoE brings training to InfoComm China 18

SDVoE Alliance to Offer Six AV-over-IP Training Sessions at InfoComm China 2018

NEC on global support at AVI-SPL SAS 2018

NEC at AVI-SPL SAS 2018 on global support, getting feedback from design engineers, and 4K projectors and displays.

Crestron on supporting global integrators

Crestron's Kevin Iselli discusses their ability to help audiovisual integrators as they expand across the world to support their clients.

Getting work with AVI-SPL

AVI-SPL's VP of Human Resources, Mark Tone, discusses their recruitment efforts, audiovisual education, and directing career paths.

Inna Larson of AVI-SPL on global AV

We sit down with AVI-SPL's VP of Global Accounts about the audiovisual integration firm's further push into world wide AV.

AVI-SPL CEO John Zettel at SAS 2018

AVI-SPL CEO John Zettel talks with AVNation about being the biggest audiovisual integrator in the world, meeting customer expectations, and further growth.

Latest News

New Patented Traffic-Shaping Technology From Cobalt Iron Dynamically Adjusts Network Throughput Based on Events

Cobalt Iron Inc. has received a US patent for its technology on operational and event-driven network traffic shaping.