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EDTech 114: Counterfeit Relationships

Looking out for counterfeit AV, valuing the relationship between technology manager and the AV industry, and lessons from the supply chain.

ResiWeek 409: Descoping

The lessons learned from last year's supply chain crisis, and understanding the value of HDMI cables with Kordz.

AVWeek 638: ESG in AV

The current supply chain status in AV, the environmental impact of AV equipment, and initiatives for diversity within our industry.

ResiWeek 391: Pay Attention

Lessons learned from supply chain issues, how to stop selling "products", and ProSource's new sales playbook.

Cutting Into Higher Ed AV Budgets

Smaller Budgets, Same Professor Demands As universities and schools around the world prepare for a new academic year, educators are bracing themselves for tough times ahead. In this era of tight higher ed budgets and supply chain disruptions, the future...

AVWeek 605: Levels of Dork

What to do when a company goes under, Samsung has new 4K OLED screens, and making AV accessible for the mainstream.

Daily Download Thursday March 9, 2023

If we can't get supply, then maybe it's time to look to other avenues like software-based solutions to deliver on projects.

Daily Download Tuesday February 21, 2023

As companies struggle to maintain inventory, they need to be transparent with their clients and customers as we find new solutions.

AVWeek 599: Vital AV

Looking at the success of ISE 2023, how manufacturers are pushing through supply chain issues, and looking at LG's massive LED screen.

AVWeek 598: Live From ISE 2023

Covering the return of Integrated Systems Europe 2023 to Barcelona with a whole host of experts in the AV industry to hear their impressions of the show.
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Latest News

Tateside Trusts in Taurus UCX to Power Smart Meeting Spaces at Landmark Offices

Tateside and Halkin have partnered to improve meeting room experiences at their King William Street offices. They deployed Lightware's Taurus UCX switchers, enabling seamless connectivity, 4K video, audio, and room automation. The integration also included a Shure audio solution.
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