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Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Atlas joins Mitek at CEDIA 2018

Atlas IED shows off commercial products for residential products

Atlas joins Mitek and MTX’s booth at the annual CEDIA Expo showing commercial products that can be used in either residential projects or the commercial AV projects dealers are finding themselves deploying. The SHS was first shown at ISE and InfoComm this year. Atlas is bringing the hidden speaker to the show. They are also showing the Texas Tuff rack, sound masking, and mixers.

Watch the SHS at ISE 2018

Tim Albright: This is an AVNation special my name is Tim Albright I am your host. What we’re doing is we’re previewing CEDIA 2018 the annual residential AV show happens September 6 – 8  and with me to preview his booth is my buddy and pal Mr. John Ivey from Atlas IED.  Welcome sir
John Ivey: Tim how nice it is to see you.
TA: Before we get started you are in a booth 904. 9-0-4. But if they look for Atlas IED on the big fancy schmancy CEDIA expo list they won’t necessarily see Atlas specifically.  What will they see?
JI: They’ll see Mitek Corporation. Atlas IED is owned by Mitek Corporation, that’s our family’s company.  So we’ve been registering for CEDIA since we used to go as MTX audio which we still of course and AL and some other brands. We still registered as Mitek.
TA: If we were walking through the show floor and happen upon booth number 904 what are we going to find in the booth?
JI: This year you actually find some Atlas IED product. Most notably the SHS. We launched it at InfoComm this year it’s customizable, what we call hidden or very discreet architectural product. It sounds great looks even better.
TA: Well and this is the one, we’ll put a link on this page, was the one that we actually got to see first at ISE this year where you had been showing it. It’s not even an inch and a half hole.
JI: No it’s a little over two-inch hole.  The entire aperture the front lens,  because the lens actually determines the dispersion so you know all the way out one hundred seventy all the way down to ninety, is about three inches total. Then that front plate can be custom printed by us to match any ceiling, any color, any ceiling material. You take a picture of a wood ceiling and you send it up to us to the application and we actually got the custom match that exactly. We’ve offered even to have people drill out the slugs and send it to of us. We’ll mill it down and attaching back to the front.
TA: In addition to the speakers are we going to find Atlas racks and things of that nature?
JI:  So there’s about four things were showing. We’re showing the Texas Tuff racks which is the world’s first intelligent equipment rack that we showed at InfoComm. We’re showing the Z Line system. The Z Line is that two and four channel all in one sound masking solution. It’s very sexy, mounts on the wall to be used as a mixture amplifier but really has built in sound masking applications to it.  You know it’s got an iPhone and Android application. It’s easy to use. You could go through and actually tune the system while using your handheld device. It works really well the SHS, which is a direct fire device and can be used as indirect as well. I got Z Line, SHS, inexpensive mixture amplifiers with very inexpensive wall control plates. So if you’re going to a light commercial or dentists office or something like that for control and source input. Then, of course, our new Texas Tuff racks.
TA: About the Texas Tuff racks. You mentioned that they are the first intelligent racks. Not to be silly but racks were pretty much metal so what makes it intelligent?
JI: Well ours is still made of metal. It has a microcontroller built in the top. It has a display that lights up with RGBW lights so you can kind of turn up the display.  Let’s say your customers color is purple or the end users’ color is purple it, can light up purple unless it starts to see a fault on the equipment. If the racks don’t overheat something inside the rack, throws a fault, intelligent power strip that we make senses there’s a problem with the gear that will actually change the color. It will start flashing red or blue or whatever you like. There’s an automatic sounder that it can turn on and it can actually trigger the intelligent strip on the inside to send out an email or a text message. Yeah, it’s pretty slick. Really where customers benefit is our integrators, they get to put their name and say you know call XYZ Integration for service. The end user sees it turn red and start flashing they know who to call.
TA:  Not everybody is going to go to San Diego, September 6 0 8. So if they are not going but they want to find out all the stuff that Atlas and Mitek and all the other companies that you have going on how do they do that?
JI: Yes, new websites been updated recently. It’s www.atlasied.com. The old websites for Innovative Electronic Designs and Atlas Sound still point to the new one. Of course, Mitek USA is our corporate website that points to all of our divisions, consumer, OEM, commercial, etc.


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