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Monday, April 15, 2024
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Hello, It’s Me

AVNation TV’s new editor Llanor Alleyne outlines what’s to come on the platform

When Tim Albright, founder and president of AVNation TV reached out to me to consider hosting a new podcast focused on digital signage back in January, I was both flattered and terrified. I am a behind-the-scenes person. I love researching and writing about the global AV industry. I love speaking with game-changing industry players who have innovative takes and approaches to technology and how to get the everyman to embrace the life-enhancing benefits of home and commercial AV integration. Public speaking for me, like for most people, is a shiver-inducing prospect.

Yet, in enjoying my then laser-focus on the digital signage industry, it seemed like a natural next step in not only getting the word out about evolutions in the signage market, but also an opportunity to learn more about a medium, podcasting, that I’d embraced over the years as well as engage in open conversation with a wide swath of industry players as they went about creating and implementing AV tech. I love top-10 podcasts like RadioLab, This American Life, Reply All, and more pop culture fare like Keep It, The Read and Still Processing. As an artist I have a deep appreciation for how these podcasts utilize sound and perfect hosts to inform, encourage and entertain their audience. I had no delusions about my own raspy voice joining their ranks, but I was thrilled by the idea of researching, scripting and talking about all things digital signage and AV.

By early September, I was hooked on and deeply invested in Digital Signage Digest. This was due in no small part to Tim’s encouragement and all out support in me exploring different approaches to our new venture — a process that is still evolving nine episodes in. So, when later that month Tim approached me about taking over editing duties on this portal it was easy to say yes. Now I can work behind the scenes and behind the mic on a platform that, like me, loves this industry and the people that allow it to thrive.

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In the coming months you will see some changes that Tim and I are working to bring to AVNation.tv. It will be slow at first as I get to grips with our content producing and editorial processes, but along with a rich archive of AV-focused podcasts and news, along with our work with industry partners on events and webinars, AVNation TV will be adding new voices and perspectives to the site, including blogs and guest features from your fellow AV professionals, more event-centric videos and podcasts, and a richer interactive experience on the website itself.

I hope that you will stick with us as we evolve AVNation TV. If you are an AV company and want to reach out to me with ideas, news, case studies, events and more, or if you are an integrator with a unique perspective or project that you think will be of interest to our readers please drop me a line on llanor.alleyne@www.avnation.tv. I look forward to hearing from you, even if it is only to say hello.

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Resideo Technologies, Inc. has agreed to acquire Snap One Holdings Corp. for $10.75 per share in cash, totaling approximately $1.4 billion, including net debt.


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