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The legacy behind LEA Professional at ISE 2020

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Brian Pickowitz of LEA Professional is in AVNation’s ISE Studio to discuss what makes the audio manufacturer special.

In the pro-audio channel, LEA Professional is known for its amplifier technology, but the company is looking to expand its profile by focusing on the technology that goes into its range of products, including the addition of Wi-Fi and IoT devices.

“If you install our amplifiers on a network that has an internet connection you’ll be able to remotely control and monitor your installs anywhere in the world from your phone, or your laptop, or your tablet,” Pickowitz says. “We’re bringing technologies that have been established in other spaces, like the IT space, we are bringing that into the pro-audio space.”

LEA Professional’s range of amplifiers also offer push notifications via Amazon Web Services — a choice the company made with network security in mind. 

At ISE 2020, the company has launched its CONNECT 1504 & 3004 high power IoT-enabled pro amplifiers, which are more ruggedized for touring applications. LEA Professional is also working on expanding its use of the Cloud in its products.


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