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Gateway Studios Ups the Ante with Panasonic 4K Cameras and Robotic Systems

Gateway Studios and Production Services makes a major investment in Panasonic solutions for multi-camera coverage of major music tours, festivals, and other corporate events. The cameras and robotic systems will be incorporated for GSPS new studio complex under development in Chesterfield. The new studio is projected to be the largest production services and rehearsal facility of its kind in the U. S.

CEO of GSPS Terry Kerr trusts Panasonic cameras and relies on them for their major clients. “The music touring industry has opened back up and we’re extremely busy. Major music acts are out on tour and through purchases like this, we’re able to provide the leading edge in video equipment to our clients,“ Kerr said.

Gateway has invested in the following products for their multi-camera coverage events; 16 AK-UC4000 4K HDR studio cameras, 12 AW-UE150 4K 60P HDR PTZ cameras, and Tencopoint floor, ceiling, and totem systems. GSPS has a substantial number of Panasonic cameras in inventory to meet the increasing demand for equipment. Adding Tecnopoint provides another tool to up the ante for its clients.

“Panasonic has enjoyed a long, successful relationship with Gateway, and we’re delighted to have supported their efforts through the years on major music tours like the legendary rock band Phish,” said Carter Hoskins, Director, Professional Imaging, Panasonic. Hoskins also said it’s exciting to be part of GSPS’ new initiatives as they continue to raise the bar.

The first tour to utilize this equipment will be the Phish Tour, which launched in July and will run through the end of October. The tour will utilize Tencopoint systems and 15 Panasonic studio and PTZ cameras. 

“Gateway is second to none in providing broadcast quality equipment to our clients and we’re always looking for new cinematic tools to implement. Incorporating Tecnopoint dolly systems allow us to make our broadcasts look even better by adding more dimensions and depth to what we are already capturing with the Panasonic robot cameras,” Kerr said.

To learn more about Panasonic professional video products, you can check out their website or contact Panasonic directly at 877-803-8492.

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