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AVIXA: Talking with Dave Labuskes

It has been almost two years since InfoComm had an in-person tradeshow. With the wrath of COVID-19 in 2020, many tradeshows had to cancel their events or switch to alternatives of an in-person tradeshow. Now, AVIXA feels ready to come back, as InfoComm makes its return to Orlando, FL. in October. 

AVIXA CEO Dave Labuskes says he is ready to bring the AV community back to InfoComm. “This event is not for one brand or two brands or five brands. This event is for the community. The people working this event are in our industry. By holding this event, we bring them back to work,” Labuskes said.

The purpose for Info Comm, according to Labuskes is to serve two purposes for the industry as a whole: to be a catalyst for market growth and a hub for the AV profession. “There is no greater manifestation of the marketplace than a tradeshow, nor is there a greater manifestation of community than at a tradeshow,” said Labuskes

Info Comm has implemented safety guidelines for exhibitors and attendees. Visitors must wear a mask on the showroom floor and provide either proof of vaccination or a negative COVD-19. Testing kits will be in limited supply at the event. When talking about holding a large event in person, the question doesn’t become if it is safe to hold the event rather is it responsible to hold an event?

Although returning back to Orlando, there will some events that will be held virtually, such as the 5K run. When deciding which events to hold in-person or virtually, Labuskes said he had to make decisions just like any other business does. “You have to look at the reality of where do you allocate your resources?” Labuskes asks.

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The pandemic halted numerous businesses in its tracks, including AVIXA. The cancellations of shows and events made AVIXA take a step back and see if its current business model is a viable one. The restructuring of the business cost numerous individuals their jobs as a result. The new restructure did provide successful tradeshows around the world, including events in Europe and China.

With some attendees and exhibitors still on the fence about coming to Info Comm, Dave Labuskes encourages individuals to make the best decision for themselves and their businesses. Info Comm will take in Orlando, FL. on October 23-29. Check out the full interview below and Join AVNation at InfoComm 2021


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