Leon Speakers Debuts as Exclusive Distributor of LiquidView’s New Virtual Window at CEDIA Expo 2022

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Leon Speakers announces its new role as a manufacturing partner and exclusive distributor of the new LiquidView Virtual Window, a groundbreaking product that transforms the aesthetic of any room by displaying beautiful outdoor scenery within the frame of a realistic window. The addition of a LiquidView Virtual Window also contributes to the wellness of occupants by maintaining a connection with nature throughout the day. Leon introduced the LiquidView Virtual Window to residential systems integrators for the first time at CEDIA Expo 2022 in Dallas, Texas.

“I believe LiquidView offers an unprecedented solution that can completely transform how you experience a space,” says Noah Kaplan, founder and president of Leon Speakers. “LiquidView has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges that architects and designers face. Imagine being able to provide a view of anywhere in the world in any space. We are so excited to bring this opportunity to our Leon dealers and representatives.”

The LiquidView Virtual Window adds an outdoor view of awe-inspiring scenery to rooms where no windows existed before and replace a poor view with a spectacular one. Views can be changed at any time from a selection of original content in the LiquidView library. The variety of breathtaking Views has been captured by cinematographers with feature film cameras and lenses from locations all over the world.

“We transform lives,” adds LiquidView CEO Mitch Braff. “We enable you to wake up and see the most beautiful views in the world, every single day. The demand for our Windows has exceeded our wildest expectations.”

All Views are shot for 24 hours and synchronize to the time of day of the location of the installed Window. For example, if a LiquidView Virtual Window with Views of Paris is installed in a home in New York, during sunset in New York the Window instead displays the sunset in Paris. All Views shift automatically to sync with sunrise and sunset of the chosen geographic location and are controllable via a user-friendly iPhone App.

Each Virtual Window comes with a trim-ready installation kit designed by Leon, a high-quality Sony 4K commercial display, and access to LiquidView’s subscription-based Content Library.

Kaplan and Leon Speakers played an instrumental role in the design of the Virtual Window along with the LiquidView team that included architects, interior designers, and the award-winning design team from IDEO.

“We have been working with Leon on projects with Media Decor frames for years, and it was a natural fit for us to partner with them on this project. We are excited to work together to bring our Windows to the world,” Braff continues.

The LiquidView Virtual Window is available for pre-order and will ship in Q1 2023 with the breathtaking Panorama—a three-panel Window—and a single-panel Window.

Systems integrators and designers can learn more about Leon Speakers’ complete line of innovative residential and commercial solutions at www.leonspeakers.com


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