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CEDIA Expo Booth #2109 with Future Ready Solutions

Kordz offers professional-grade cabling and networking components, enabling industry partners to focus on the big picture and simplify deployment for systems integrators worldwide.

Kordz’s SlimCat Network Cable Systems, designed by networking experts, offer professional-grade network cabling solutions for performance and faster installation, featuring flexible, certified, and robust Cat6/Cat6a cables.

Kordz’s SlimCat Networking Solutions are a significant advancement in network cabling, offering smaller, flexible, and performance-enhancing cables for integrators and professionals in systems integration.

Kordz continues to drive innovation in systems integration by developing professional-grade network cabling solutions engineered for performance and faster, easier installation. Meticulously designed, manufactured and tested by Kordz’ networking experts, the company’s new multi-award winning SlimCat Network Cable Systems push the boundaries of networking with extremely flexible Cat6/Cat6a cables that are half the size of regular cables, yet certified and robust.

The unique design of Kordz’ SlimCat cables helps integrators quickly and confidently install networks in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications—getting cable to previously “hard-to-reach” places.

Whether a dealer needs a networking solution for a home or business, the PRO and PRS SlimCat Network Cable Systems ensure optimal connectivity and longevity with the bandwidth to support increasingly fast, data-rich AV and control signals. Also showcased at the Future Ready Solutions booth is Kordz’ trend-setting new line of longer length passive HDMI cables up to 9 meters.

Kordz and U.S. distributor, Future Ready Solutions, exhibit the SlimCat Cat6-rated PRO and Cat6a-rated PRS cable along with matching connectors and keystone sockets during CEDIA Expo in booth #2109.

Kordz SlimCat Networking Solutions Now Available in the U.S.; Integrators Have a Faster, Easier Way to Install Networks

With consumer adoption of bandwidth-intensive smart home devices at record levels, now’s the time for systems integrators to deploy the next generation of Cat6 and Cat6A network cable. Paving the way to enhanced networking performance, installation simplicity and economy are Kordz’ revolutionary and multi-award-winning new PRS and PRO SlimCat Network Cable Systems.

Now available in the U.S., the uniquely designed and constructed PRO series 28AWG Cat6 cable and PRS series 28AWG Cat6A cables are half the size of ordinary 23AWG and 24AWG network cable and boast a 32mm bend radius for the PRO SlimCat Cat6 cable, and 40mm bend radius for the PRS SlimCat Cat6A cable. These features streamline installation and minimize costs, especially in high-density and retrofit applications. The 4.0mm diameter PRO SlimCat Cat6 cable and 5.0mm diameter PRS SlimCat Cat6A cable enable them to reach places other

cables can’t and with less compromise to a home or building’s structural and aesthetic integrity. The PRO SlimCat Cat6 and PRS SlimCat6A cable, together with matching SlimCat connectors and sockets, offer space-saving advantages in dense rack installations, and support PoE++ at 100W and data rates of 1Gbps signals up to 50 meters and 10Gbps up to 50 meters, respectively.

Where to See Kordz and SlimCat PRO and PRS Network Cable Systems at CEDIA Expo

See Kordz’ complete line of SlimCat Cat6, Cat6a Network Cable Systems and HDMI solutions during CEDIA Expo 2023 in the Future Ready Solutions booth #2109.


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