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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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TrueConf Video-Enabling Services at ISE 2018

TruConf video-enabled SDK allows audiovisual integrators to create a broad range of conferencing and connectivity services.

TrueConf rolls out TrueConf SDK, a free library designed to create video conferencing applications or integrate video into existing offerings. The company has announced general availability of TrueConf SDK at Integrated Systems Europe 2018.
To illustrate product capabilities at the show, TrueConf made a self-styled kiosk with built-in custom application for car rental. Users could rent a car by connecting to an available operator using kiosk’s video collaboration capabilities. The solution allows users to initiate or receive video calls with available operator, invite more operators into the conversation, or share content. In addition, TrueConf provides intelligent queue management, automatically transcodes video calls into SIP/H.323/WebRTC format and records calls and conferences on the server.
TrueConf’s video-enabling services touch on a broad range of verticals, including video banking, contact centers, virtual receptionists, etc. Custom projects based on TrueConf SDK boost customer service automatization, cut staff and travel costs and reduce waiting time during busy hours. By providing clients with user-friendly library for diverse customer needs, TrueConf aims at making embedded video more accessible for the developers who want to add real-time communications into their own solutions.
“Video conferencing is not a stand-alone product anymore. Instead, we see video conferencing as a promising technology which makes third-party solutions more convenient and valuable for customers,” Dmitry Odintsov, TrueConf CBDO, says. “Using TrueConf SDK, developers can ensure a consistent user experience by embedding high-quality video into any application or device”.
“The market opportunity for embedded video communications is vast, with companies looking to video-enable both their intra-company and customer-facing applications,” Tim Gelardi, Senior Industry Analyst at MZA, comments. “The banking and healthcare verticals have been at the forefront of embedding video into their applications, but the wider B2C market is beginning to understand that adding real-time video capabilities drives customer engagement and that video isn’t just for enterprise boardrooms”.
TrueConf SDK is available for free at developers.trueconf.com.


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