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Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Long distance 4K with Fiber HDMI

Hangalaxy HDMI Fiber Active cable contribute AV industry Innovation
The audiovisual industry brings people very impressive audio and video feast. Most people focus on large screen display, audio and video equipment, projector, etc. Now, let’s talk about the AV connection.
Hangalaxy fiber HDMI signal flow
In fact, the connection is also a very important part of AV program. Generally, people know HDMI copper cable, which connects different equipment and transmits the data. But HDMI cable has a big shortage, it can’t transfer more than 10 meters, some factories can make 50m, but it should use a signal booster. Even the distance can reach longer, but the resolution will be attenuation. Let’s check the difference below.

  HDMI fiber active cable HDMI Copper cable + booster
Distance 10-300m 1-50m
Diameter 5mm 8mm
Flexibility Soft, can circle pencil hard,can circle water bottle
Weight 50m (1kg) 50m (6kg)
Stability Low EMI/RFI,stable signal,always 4k High EMI/RFI,from 4K attenuate to 1080p

There is also another solution to solve connection distance, that is HDMI extender. Let’s see the difference below.

  HDMI fiber active cable HDMI extender
Distance 10-300m 10-100m
Resolution 4K@60p From 4k to 1080p,from 60p-30p
Power Not extra power required,plug and play Need extra power
Stability One cable,two interface,easy connection,more stable signal transmission Complicated connection,more interface,signal attenuation

Since 2014, Hangalaxy produces fiber optic cable, it includes HDMI fiber cable, DP fiber cable, USB3.0 fiber cable. All for long distance transmission. In China, it becomes more and more popular, the big projects include China Pingtang international Museum, Bo’ao Asia Forum Conference 2018, Shenzhen Ping’an Building conference center, Shanghai Tower conference room, Shenzhen Metro(Line 13), and many other Government conference room.


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