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NEC gets Interactive with DisplayNote

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DisplayNote provides the Interactive Engine

One of the things about the NEC Showcase, this is their 25th year of doing these, is the various partner manufacturers that inhabit the space. Draper is there showing off how their screens make NEC displays shine. BrightSign is there behind the scenes delivering creative content to NEC displays. Mount companies like Peerless-AV and Chief/Legrand are showcasing their mounting solutions.

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DisplayNote was also represented at the 25th Annual NEC Showcase giving attendees a demonstration of Montage and Mosaic. These software solutions give NEC displays the ability to transform into wireless collaboration devices. Mosaic and Montage are DisplayNote’s wireless presentation and collaboration suites that can be built-in to NEC displays. Audiovisual dealers buy the displays directly from NEC and DisplayNote supports the software portion. Watch our interview with Ed Morgan from DisplayNote below.


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