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LG delivers new 4K projectors for commercial spaces

The two new 4K projectors are ideal for retail, hospitality, small boardrooms and class room applications

LG Business Solutions USA introduced two new 4K laser projectors designed for the needs of a diverse range of commercial spaces. The LG ProBeam is a surprisingly small 5,000-lumen projector and is ideal for corporate, hospital and education environments, while the ultra-short-throw LG CineBeam can project a 120in. image when positioned just 7.2 inches from the wall, making it ideal for retail, hospitality, small boardrooms and classroom environments.

LG’s expansion into commercial-grade laser projectors provides businesses with professional-level projection solutions that create new opportunities thanks to their incredible brightness, sharpness, color accuracy, 20,000 hour lamp life and state-of-the-art functionality that includes screen mirroring and 12-point keystone adjustment.

“Industry-leading commercial products like these projectors exemplify how LG is addressing the needs of businesses, schools and more,” said Dan Smith, LG Business Solutions USA’s vice president of business development. “ProBeam offers businesses and schools the use-anywhere versatility of a compact 5,000 lumen laser projector, and our ultra-short-throw CineBeam enables a vibrant 120in. 4K display in any room, opening new possibilities across the education, retail, and hospitality markets.”

The LG ProBeam (BU50NST) is a 4K UHD 5,000-lumen projector, bright enough to be used even in a brightly-lit room. Able to be mounted on a ceiling or table-top, the LG ProBeam projector is perfect for use in boardrooms, hospitals, classrooms and virtual or digital entertainment businesses. The immersive picture quality benefits both educational attentiveness and realism needed for virtual games, while offering highly detailed images necessary in corporate and healthcare environments.

With the 1.6x zoom feature, the LG ProBeam projector can immediately project a 60 percent larger image without moving or re-adjusting, easily turning a 100-inch projection into a 160-inch projection in seconds. Thanks to detailed keystone adjustment and its extreme brightness capability, it can project a minimum screen size of 40 inches and a maximum size of 300 inches (25 feet). Wireless connection is possible with any Android device, and standard ports include USB and HDMI.

The LG CineBeam (HU85LS) is a 4K ultra-short-throw laser projector that can produce a 90-inch image when placed just two inches from the projection wall, and a 120in. image when just 7.2 inches away. This ability to create a large projection display in nearly any room arrangement makes it a breakthrough video solution for classrooms, hotel lobbies and hospitality environments.

Unlike conventional projectors that make three colors with one light source, the HU85LS adopts 3-channel laser technology to create RGB color via different light sources. Because of this, the HU85LS has no color wheel, so it significantly reduces “rainbow” effects that can be experienced by conventional projectors. Its 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio displays the deep blacks and smooth gradients necessary for engaging a cinematic 4K UHD experience.

With a minimum picture size of 60 inches and a maximum of 120 inches, the LG CineBeam also offers voice control through the included Magic Remote with an integrated microphone. Wireless connection is easy with any iOS, Android or Windows device, and standard inputs include USB-A, USB-C and HDMI.

Both the LG ProBeam and LG CineBeam offer wireless screen mirroring, webOS 4.5 for native web browsing, two integrated five-watt speakers and a Bluetooth-out port to boost wireless audio through a separate stereo system. The 12-point keystone adjustment available on both models enables a perfectly shaped 16:9 picture, regardless of placement angle or uneven surfaces.

The use of laser projection also helps users manage long-term costs by minimizing bulb outages that interrupt operations and require expensive replacements. Both projectors are rated for 20,000 hours of lamp life, with far less dimming evident over the life of the projector compared with bulb-based models.

The LG ProBeam and LG CineBeam 4K projectors are available now with a three-year warranty. A 5,000-lumen WUXGA model is planned for later in the year.


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