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Z-Wave Alliance Hosts Smart Home Industry Influencers Panel at CEDIA

Beaverton, Ore. – The Z-Wave Alliance, a standards organization dedicated to advancing the smart home, announces a never-before-executed panel comprising cross-industry IoT and smart home experts coming together to openly discuss how newly announced initiatives – such as Matter – will work with legacy protocols and established ecosystems.

The educational panel – Platform Playground: Shaping the Future of the Smart Home & Where Protocols Face Opportunities & Challenges –brings some of the largest names in smart home to the stage and includes representatives from the various protocols, standards organizations, and manufacturers together to discuss the future of the smart home and provide expert insight into the major differences and commonalities between protocols, how they all will work together, and the opportunities and challenges facing the smart home industry today. Attendees of the panel can expect to walk away with a deeper understanding of the smart home landscape, new updates, initiatives, and partnerships between the various protocols and have the opportunity to pose their own questions to the panelists.

Moderated by industry icon, Julie Jacobson, this 90-minute session includes insight from leading IoT Alliances, including the Z-Wave Alliance and the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Google, and key smart home manufacturers including Yale, LEEDARSON North America and Building 36 Technologies. As the smart home continues to evolve, it is more important than ever to understand the changes and capabilities of the protocols behind every installed product.

“In many ways, the industry landscape seems worlds apart from the one I left over a year and a half ago, but there’s always a familiar ring,” said Julie Jacobson. “It’s a nice surprise to see some new energy in the market, and a serious go at another “let’s all get along” initiative. I gave up betting on the outcome of these things but there’s one thing I’ve definitely gathered from conversations with the participants: they are at their wits’ end. I am looking forward to a renewed effort to get it together, think about the overall consumer experience, the dealer opportunity, and the promise of a much bigger pie.”


  • Mitch Klein, Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance & Director, Strategic Partnerships, Silicon Labs
  • Michelle Mindala-Freeman, Head of Marketing, Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA)
  • Kevin Po, Senior Product Manager, Google
  • John Osborne, President, LEEDARSON NA; Past Chairman Connectivity Standards Alliance, Vice Chairman Z-Wave Alliance
  • Mariusz Malkowski, Director of Customer Success and Integration, Building 36 Technologies
  • Kevin Kraus, Director, Technology and Integration Support, Yale Residential

Registration for this educational session is open now and takes place in room number 137 at CEDIA Expo 2021 on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, from 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM ET.

For more information on the Z-Wave Alliance, visit, http://z-wavealliance.org.

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