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Latest Release of D-Tools System Integrator (SI) Software Helps Companies Expedite the Sales Process

The leading provider of business management software D-Tools announced the availability of System Integrator version 18. The new capabilities and enhancements help companies save time and improve operating efficiency throughout their business. 

“D-Tools’ mission has always been to help our customers run more profitable businesses through software designed to replicate and expedite their workflow and best practices,” said Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools. “The new capabilities in this release were developed in direct response to requests from our users and include significant improvements such as the ability to change product quantities on the fly directly in a quote, and manage inventory through advanced integrations with Tracknicity and TRXio. We look forward to helping our customers apply these productivity enhancements to their day-to-day workflow.”

SI v18 offers numerous time-saving and productivity advancements that benefit sales, project management, and service teams. Some enhancements to SI include:

Sales and Quoting Management

Quantity-based Quoting, ideal for security and structured cabling projects, improves application performance while allowing salespeople to develop a scope and budget for large projects in a fraction of time. Products/items now have a new Purchase Cost field, which improves multi-currency support by enabling users to accurately track the cost for an item in one currency and present the price for that item in a quote in a different currency.

Improved Product Search 

The new Find Usages feature is a great asset management tool that provides the ability to search across purchase orders and service orders to identify where products have been installed. Compare and Sync with Catalog feature for project and catalog items guarantees that project items are up to date and accurate. 

Serial Numbers Search provides a historical record of an item’s location and usage on a project—such as on a purchase order receipt, in a task, or on a service order, based on its serial number— solving potential problems and saving time for project management and service teams.

Inventory Tracking

New Tracknicity and TRXio integrations help integrators manage their inventory, which at the same time ensures that inventory items, whether pulled from stock or order for a project, are efficiently, seamlessly, and accurately tracked from proposal through being purchased, received, staged, picked, delivered, installed, and serviced, thereby keeping projects on schedule while helping to reduce unnecessary and unwanted inventory buildup and avoid duplicate product purchases.

Scheduling Summary Tasks and Summary Service Orders group a series of connected events (i.e., installation tasks, service requests) to facilitate resource planning, scheduling, and invoicing.

For a more detailed list of enhancements in SI v18, visit


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