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Elevate Your Tech Game with These Cutting-Edge AV Apps

iPad, iPod, and other iOS Apps that help Tech Managers daily

Remember the iPad’s grand entrance, when everyone was in awe of its game-changing potential? Well, guess what? The iPad app universe has evolved, and we’ve handpicked the crème de la crème for you, courtesy of AVNation.

🚀 1. Crestron Electronic’s Go  – Total Control at Your Fingertips!

Imagine having the power to manage room temperature, lighting, and more across a building or campus, all from your iPad. Crestron’s Go transforms your iPad into a full-fledged Crestron Touchpanel, and it’s a game-changer for tech managers.

🪄 2. Crestron AirMedia – Magic Presentations!

With Crestron AirMedia straight from your iPad or phone using this handy iPad app. Wireless presentation has become the default in classrooms and boardrooms. With the AirMedia app, users can send any content available on their mobile device straight to the room displays.

🎛️ 3. Extron’s Control – Control Large-Scale AV Like a Pro!

Managing complex AV installations just got easier. Extron’s Control app, now available for free, lets you take the reins from your iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s your control center for AV wizardry.

📱 4. Zoom  – The Ultimate Connection!

Team chat, whiteboarding, meetings, and calls. The Zoom app allows you to communicate with anyone using the Zoom platform. As the team at Zoom updates and upgrades their offerings, your iPad App only gets better.

📽️ 5. QSC MP Manage

In a world where AV tech advances at warp speed, QSC MP Manage allows you to control it all. QSYS is getting more control over your buildings and installs. And now you can get more control from your iPad’s screen!

🔊 6. Crowd Mic – You get a mic!

With Biamp’s Crowd Mics, everyone who has a mobile device has the chance to speak. The app allows the audience to text a comment or question, vote in polls, or use their device as a microphone. Say goodbye to that poor who is running around the room trying to get the wireless to the next speaker.

Using iPad apps for productivity

🖥️ 7.  Splashtop Remote Desktop (Droid/iOS)  – Your PC or Mac, Anywhere You Go!

Access your computer on the go with Splashtop. It’s your digital lifeline, delivering all the features of your PC or Mac to your mobile device. It’s the tech tool you didn’t know you needed.

📰 8. Split Screen View – Double Your Productivity!

Can’t multitask on your iPad? No problem! Split Screen View lets you browse two sites simultaneously. It’s like having two iPads in one. Perfect for comparing apps, recipes, or AV equipment options.

🌌 9. AV Tools – an AV Pro in your pocket!

The AV Tools is an excellent iPad app for anyone supporting AV installs. The newest version has a tone generator, calculators, and a voltage converter. With this app, you can manage DMX addresses and get pinouts for all sorts of cables.

🎨 10. SketchUp – Unleash Your Creative Genius!

Whether you’re a visual tech pro or a beginner, SketchUp is a canvas for your creativity. Dive into the world of digital art and design with ease. It’s an investment in your creative journey or next AV install.

There you have it, tech enthusiasts! These iPad apps are the pinnacle of innovation. Whether you’re a tech manager or an iPad aficionado, these apps will redefine your tech experience. Download them now and elevate your tech game to the next level! 📱🚀 #TechEvolution #iPadApps #GameChangers


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