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The Farm Launches Comprehensive Program for Q-SYS Plugin Development

Farm AV, a team of manufacturers’ representatives, technical service providers, and regional training experts, is dedicated to delivering enterprise AV solutions, cost-effectively and with manufacturer support.

The Farm offers a comprehensive program for Q-SYS plugin development, ensuring speed and reliability for manufacturers and integrators in the rapidly growing Q-SYS ecosystem.

The Farm, an industry-leading audiovisual professional services organization, introduces a new comprehensive program for Q-SYS plugin development. Whether you’re a manufacturer who wants to play in the rapidly growing Q-SYS ecosystem or an integrator developing a solution within it, we’ll get you all the way there – with incredible speed and reliability.

For Manufacturers
Q-SYS offers a fast-growing marketplace for your product – you simply have to be present in it. That means offering the necessary plugins and API integrations to enable system designers to choose your product in Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager. No matter how great your offerings are, this is the only way Q-SYS system designers can spec your product. And The Farm is the best way to ensure they have that choice.

For Integrators
The Farm is a premier Q-SYS developer partner who can extend your programming bench to improve workflows and broaden your capabilities. Past clients have turned to us to create weather-tracking and voice-to-text Q-SYS plugins. Whatever your particular need may be, don’t hesitate to access our deep development capabilities for your integration projects. Our team of programmers specializes in all things Q-SYS and can help speed your solutions to completion faster and more reliably than anyone else.

“Think of The Farm as your Q-SYS concierge,” says Andrew Stanley, VP of Technical Services at The Farm. “Not only do we develop plugins that welcome you into the Q-SYS OS, we’re one of the original developer partners for the Q-SYS ecosystem. Our team will assist you at every stage of the process, from integration request submission to scoping and development, certification/verification, and post-release support.”



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