Monday, April 15, 2024

DSE 2019

Unifying digital signage platforms through Adomni at DSE 2019

Talking with Adomni about their software platform for digital signage at DSE 2019.

Blending digital signage and projection with Panasonic at DSE 2019

Looking at Panasonic's display combining digital signage and projection for a unique experience at DSE 2019.

Samsung’s immersive QLED 8K display at DSE 2019

Looking at Samsung's 8K QLED display at DSE 2019.

Looking at 4K and beyond with Sharp at DSE 2019

Talking to Sharp about their SoC controllers at DSE 2019, and the future of 8K in digital signage.

Connecting technicians to business through Field Nation at DSE 2019

Talking with Field Nation about their program for businesses to find workers for AV and IT projects at DSE 2019.

How NEC provides precise analytic engagement with ALP Pro at DSE 2019

Talking to NEC about their latest platform ALP Pro at DSE 2019.

Cyberlink’s facial recognition software FaceMe at DSE 2019

Looking at Cyberlink's FaceMe facial recognition software at DSE 2019.

Keeping your digital signage secure with Broadsign at DSE 2019

Discussing Broadsign's Control security platform and protecting digital security networks.

Turning demographic data into digital signage with Red Falcon at DSE 2019

Talking to Red Falcon about their demographic analytic software at DSE 2019.

How Zuzor is engaging end users through dynamic experiences at DSE 2019

Talking with Zuzor about using digital signage and interactive displays to create unique experiences at DSE 2019.


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Latest News

Resideo to Acquire Snap One to Expand Presence in Smart Living Products and Distribution

Resideo Technologies, Inc. has agreed to acquire Snap One Holdings Corp. for $10.75 per share in cash, totaling approximately $1.4 billion, including net debt.


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