Thursday, May 23, 2024
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InfoComm 2019

Sunbrite TV brings signage outdoors with their weatherized displays at InfoComm 2019

We talk to Sunbrite TV about their outdoor solutions for digital signage and how they have improved the design with SnapAV at InfoComm 2019.

A new way to visualize displays in the conference room through Philips’ ARc at InfoComm 2019

Talking to Philips about their augmented reality program ARc that assists with installing video walls and displays at InfoComm 2019.

Yamaha UC is more than audio going into InfoComm 2019

Yamaha UC bringing more than just audio to InfoComm 2019.

Previewing InfoComm 2019 With QSC

Talking to QSC about what they will be bringing to both their booth and audio demo room at InfoComm 2019.

TierPM adding to offerings ahead of InfoComm 2019

TierPM previewing their InfoComm 2019 booth; AV and IT staffing and business analytics.

Introducing PlanIt AV to InfoComm 2019

PlanIt AV brings their new cloud-based planning tool to InfoComm 2019.

Previewing Christie Digital ahead of InfoComm 2019

Christie Digital is coming to InfoComm 2019 with new MicroTiles, healing projection software, AV over IP, and more.

Previewing InfoComm 2019 With NexusLink

Hearing what Comtrend is bringing to their booth at InfoComm 2019.

Previewing InfoComm 2019 With VuWall

Seeing what VuWall has in store for their booth at InfoComm 2019.

Previewing InfoComm 2019 With T1V

Looking at what T1V is going to be showcasing at their booth at InfoComm 2019.


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