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Visix releases AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.35

The release expands the speed and functionality of AxisTV Signage Suite with new and improved widgets, new content creation tools and backend enhancements

Visix has released version 1.35 of their AxisTV Signage Suite digital signage content management software. The release expands the speed and functionality of AxisTV Signage Suite with new and improved widgets, new content creation tools and backend enhancements.

  • New drag-n-drop Google Sheets widget
  • Expanded options for Voice Recognizer widget
  • Office 365 Modern Authentication for Exchange widget
  • Updated code and codecs for Web Browser widget
  • Faster sync between desktop designer and CMS
  • New Pick & Fill WYSIWYG messages from templates in the CMS
  • Adjustments to address Adobe Flash Player EOL

Version 1.35 has a new drag-n-drop widget that supports integration with Google Sheets to let users pull and show real-time updates on screens while maintaining source data in Google Drive. The recently released Voice Recognizer widget has also been expanded with improved timeout and inactivity options. The desktop design application, AxisTV Design, now synchronizes up to 50% faster with the AxisTV Manage CMS.

The release also expands options for quick content with the addition of Pick & Fill messages in the CMS. Users simply choose from an assortment of professionally designed templates that let them fill in text and images, and the WYSIWYG workspace lets them see a live preview of the finished message in the web browser as they work.

“As more people move to managing both their data and communications in the cloud, we’re continuously evolving and expanding our content management options to match that experience,” says Sean Matthews, CEO and president of Visix. “We want to make messaging to digital signs and other endpoints as fast and effortless as possible, so we’re exploiting online advancements in all of our apps – from design and scheduling to playback.”

AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.35 also addresses integrated platform updates and end-of-life plans. The Web Browser widget now supports custom codecs, as well as updated source code from Google that has over 60 significant improvements for in-browser playback.

The Exchange widget now supports Office 365 Modern Authentication based on OAuth 2.0 for secure delegated access due to Microsoft’s plans for dropping support for Basic Authentication in October 2020. Visix has also removed Adobe Flash Player from all AxisTV Signage Suite apps because it will reach end-of-life in December 2020 and no longer be supported by major web browsersby the end of the year.

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