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Crestron Electronics: Navigating Challenges Empowering IT Managers

Crestron is back

In a recent interview with Tim Albright at the CTI National Sales Meeting, John Grubin from Crestron shed light on the company’s resilience in the face of supply chain challenges and its unwavering commitment to supporting technology and IT managers.

John acknowledged the challenges but emphasized that the company has overcome most of them. With palpable enthusiasm, he stated, “We’re back.” He shared the promising news that 90 percent of SKUs are now in stock, and lead times have significantly decreased. This means that the majority of their products, including processors, NVX, Flex, and touch panels, are readily available, with most items having a lead time of less than 90 days.

Higher ED Support

Tim then delved into Crestron’s longstanding relationship with technology and IT managers. John highlighted their customer-focused approach, emphasizing the company’s dedication to creating tailored experiences for different verticals, including education and enterprise end users. Crestron achieves this through a dedicated sales team, specialized training programs, extended warranties, and collaborative efforts with organizations like HETMA.

What sets Crestron apart, according to Grubin, is its proactive engagement with IT managers. The company doesn’t just provide products; it strives to understand the unique needs of each client, offering support that extends across the entire enterprise or campus.

In essence, Crestron has been a trailblazer in building relationships with technology and IT managers over the past two decades. John reflected on the company’s proactive approach, recalling how, even when he was a tech manager, they were among the first to reach out and ask, “How can we help you?”

Crestron moving ahead

For those eager to learn more about Crestron and its offerings, Grubin directs them to visit Crestron is emerging from recent challenges with a renewed vigor, offering a wide range of products and dedicated support to technology and IT managers, reinforcing its position as an industry leader.

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