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NETGEAR AV Unveils M4350 Switch Line

Getting into NETGEAR AV Power

In an exclusive interview at the CTI National Sales Meeting, Tim Albright from AVNation sat down with Patrick Mancinio from NETGEAR AV to dive into the tech giant’s latest innovations. The spotlight was on NETGEAR’S groundbreaking M4350 switch line, already making waves in the industry.

Patrick eagerly discussed the M4350, emphasizing its flexibility in multi-gig configurations and Power over Ethernet (PoE) budgets. The switches boast internal power and additional bays for customizable power supplies, providing users the freedom to tailor their setups to specific needs. With a keen eye on redundancy and replacements, Netgear has created a solution that caters to the demands of the broadcast and media industry.

What sets the M4350 apart is its upcoming SMPTE capability, a significant milestone for NETGEAR AV. Patrick highlighted the industry’s excitement about these switches, especially given the attractive price point. By offering cost-effective SMPTE switches, NETGEAR AV aims to revolutionize the market, making studio setups more accessible for corporations and educational institutions.

Wireless for Pro AV

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. NETGEAR has also ventured into wireless technology with a range of access points, bringing its consumer-proven expertise to the professional realm. These access points, including outdoor-rated options and Wi-Fi 6E capabilities, are managed through the cloud-based software called Insight. Patrick emphasized the integration of these wireless solutions with NETGEAR’s Pro Router, rounding out a comprehensive offering for both wired and wireless needs in the ProAV space.

Patrick directed those eager to explore NETGEAR AV’s offerings to contact them directly via or visit their website, which features a dedicated section for AV solutions.

NETGEAR AV stands at the forefront of ProAV innovation, unleashing a powerful combination of cutting-edge switches and wireless technology. Their commitment to affordability and accessibility ensures that professionals across industries can elevate their setups without breaking the bank.


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