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QSYS Seervision: Revolutionizing AV Workflow

Unlocking AI for AV with QSYS Seervision

In a captivating interview at the CTI National Sales Meeting, Tim Albright from AVNation engaged with Bart Wood from QSYS, shedding light on the company’s strategic presence in St. Louis and the groundbreaking integration of AI through the acquisition of Seervision.

The acquisition of QSYS Seervision has allowed the company to leapfrog other competitors. Bart explained that Seervision marks a pivotal step in QSYS’s commitment to integrating AI across their organization, creating efficiencies in workflow and technology deployment.

Seervision stands out as a leading camera tracking technology powered by AI, offering unparalleled accuracy and performance. Bart discussed the synergy between Seervision and QSYS’s software layer, particularly the Automatic Camera Preset Recall (ACPR) technology. ACPR allows for seamless integration with microphones from reputable brands like Shure, Sennheiser, and Audio Technica, enabling automatic camera preset recalls based on the presenter’s location.

The real game-changer, as Bart revealed, is the QSYS Seervision advanced tracking capabilities. The identified tracking camera surpasses industry standards, allowing for the creation of custom zones on stage with different reactions based on the presenter’s position. This groundbreaking technology facilitates smooth transitions between presenters, multiple displays on stage, and dynamic responses to the presenter’s movements.

Simplicity in AI

Tim further inquired about the complexity of setting up reactions, prompting Bart to highlight QSYS’s commitment to simplifying multi-camera systems. While QSYS collaborates with end-users during the integration process to tailor room responses, Bart announced an upcoming training initiative. This initiative aims to empower integrators with the skills to deploy both ACPR and Seervision effectively, reducing complexity and enhancing efficiency.

To explore more about QSYS, Seervision, and their innovative solutions, Bart encouraged viewers to visit the QSYS website. The website provides a wealth of information, including request forms and contact details for regional sales managers.

QSYS’s remains committed to transforming AV workflows through AI integration. Seervision’s acquisition represents a significant leap forward, promising enhanced efficiency, simplified setups, and a new era of possibilities for the AV industry.


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