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Peerless-AV Innovation Unveiled: Universal DV LED Mount

Highlighting Peerless-AV Flexibility

Tim Albright from AVNation sat down with Pam Wolfe from Peerless-AV to explore the latest innovations, focusing on the Universal DV LED Mount and the Xtreme Outdoor Display.

Pam began by introducing the Universal DV LED Mount, a game-changer in the world of direct-view LED installations. The “universal” aspect signifies its compatibility with various latching LED displays, streamlining the installation process. Pam demonstrated the mount’s versatility, emphasizing its adjustability on the X, Y, and Z axes, ensuring a seamless and flat display on uneven walls. The universal feature translates to not just ease of installation but significant cost savings for tech managers, making it an ideal solution for institutions like St. Louis University.

Tim delved into the importance of this universality, particularly for tech managers overseeing installations. Pam emphasized that the Universal DV LED Mount simplifies installations, reduces components, and lowers overall costs. Its adaptability to different displays ensures a hassle-free installation process, aligning perfectly with the financial considerations of tech managers.

Outdoor Entertainment

Moving on to the Xtreme Outdoor Display, Pam showcased the 55, 65, and 75-inch models designed for outdoor use. Noting St. Louis’s potential for snow and other challenging weather conditions, Pam highlighted the Extreme Outdoor’s robust features. With an IK10 impact resistance rating, it can withstand substantial force, making it ideal for various applications. The display is IP66-rated, keeping out snow, rain, dust, and even bugs. With a brightness of 2,500 nits, it’s perfect for outdoor visibility, automatically adjusting to ambient light conditions.

Pam emphasized the versatility of the Xtreme Outdoor Display, suitable for a range of applications from digital signage on college campuses to menu boards at drive-thrus. Its impact-resistant design makes it a reliable choice for locations where durability is crucial.

To explore more about the Universal DV LED Mount, the Xtreme Outdoor Display, or any other offerings from Peerless-AV, Pam directed viewers to visit their website at The website provides comprehensive information and serves as a hub for inquiries and details about Peerless-AV’s diverse product range.


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