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Collaboration Redefined: Avocor’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

Upgrading your collaboration tech

At the CTI National Sales Meeting, Tim Albright of AVNation chatted with Kylie Pfile from Avocor, exploring their latest innovations in collaboration technology. We delve into Avocor’s showcase of a massive interactive touch screen and a new digital signage display, emphasizing their commitment to redefining collaboration experiences.

105-Inch Interactive Touch Screen:

Avocor’s commitment to going big is evident in their showcase of a 105-inch diagonal interactive touch screen. What sets it apart is its ultra-wide aspect ratio of 21 by 9, making it ideal for Microsoft front-row applications. Whether used in non-touch or touch versions, this gigantic screen opens up possibilities for immersive whiteboarding and collaborative interactions. Kylie Pfile highlights the significance of the 21:9 aspect ratio, signaling a growing trend that might revolutionize desktop monitors and other applications.

Collaboration in 21:9 aspect

As 21:9 becomes a standard on desktop monitors, Avocor recognizes the growing demand for this aspect ratio. The transition from 4:3 to 16:9 took time, and similarly, the industry is now witnessing the gradual adoption of 21:9. Kylie anticipates this aspect ratio to find applications in various scenarios, much like its prevalence on desktops. Avocor, along with other manufacturers, is embracing the trend and contributing to its growth.

Innovative Digital Signage Solutions:

Avocor doesn’t stop at interactive touch screens; they are also showcasing their new R Series, a digital signage-only display developed in partnership with Fry’s Vision. Featuring over 500 templates, this series simplifies the creation of dynamic digital signage content. The displays come in 55-inch and 43-inch options, catering to diverse needs. What’s even more impressive is the integration of the digital signage application into Avocor’s 105L series, offering users the flexibility to repurpose the massive screen for digital signage when not in active use.

Collaboration with Avocor

Avocor is committed to pushing the boundaries of collaboration technology. The 105-inch interactive touch screen with a unique 21:9 aspect ratio and the introduction of the R Series digital signage displays reflect Avocor’s dedication to providing versatile, efficient, and impactful collaboration solutions. For those eager to explore Avocor’s cutting-edge collaboration solutions, Kylie Pfile directs them to the official website, This single portal serves as the gateway to discovering Avocor’s innovative products, from interactive touch screens to digital signage displays.


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