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Next-Gen Video Conferencing with Yealink

Video Conferencing Moves Forward

Tim Albright of AVNation sat down with Tylor Chen from Yealink to delve into the evolution of video conferencing technology. Chen goes into Yealink’s insights into the next generation of meeting experiences, emphasizing ease of use and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s unravel the vision that Yealink has for the future of video conferencing.

The AI Era in Meeting Rooms:

As the conversation unfolds, Tylor Chen highlights the prominence of AI in the year 2023, particularly in the context of video conferencing. Yealink identifies ease of use as a key factor for the next generation of meeting rooms, aiming to provide an equitable experience for users in small, medium, large, and extra-large meeting spaces.

Meeting Equity with AI:

Yealink’s core focus is on meeting equity, ensuring that regardless of the room size, users receive a consistent and optimized experience. Traditionally, attention has been given to smaller meeting rooms with bar scenarios. However, Yealink recognizes the need to standardize and maintain this experience across various room sizes, introducing AI as a solution.

Smart Vision Video Conferencing

Yealink introduces the concept of Smart Vision 16, a cutting-edge solution launched in the S90 system. This system employs multiple cameras and Microsoft Intelliframe to identify participants in the room. Leveraging voice and facial recognition, Yealink’s technology attaches name tags to individuals, providing a seamless experience for remote attendees.

Microsoft 365 Copilots and Seamless Integration:

Tylor Chen discusses the upcoming Microsoft 365 Copilots, set to launch in 2024, as a crucial advancement in identifying participants. Yealink’s technology integrates with Microsoft services, enabling automatic recognition of individuals based on pre-recorded voice and facial recognition stored in Teams cloud services. This integration ensures that users are identified by name tags, creating a personalized and efficient meeting experience.

Large Room Video Conferencing

Yealink recognizes the significance of large room experiences and introduces the S90 system to cater to this need. This system, designed for both Microsoft and Zoom partners, utilizes multiple cameras to identify the best angles for in-room participants. Yealink emphasizes the importance of delivering a consistent meeting experience, regardless of the room size, challenging the notion that the focus should solely be on smaller room scenarios.

Yealink’s vision for the next generation of video conferencing transcends traditional boundaries, focusing on meeting equity and user-friendly experiences. With AI integration, participant identification, and a commitment to consistent experiences in diverse room sizes, Yealink positions itself at the forefront of the evolving landscape of video conferencing technology. Connect with Tylor Chen or visit www.yealink.com to embark on a journey into the future of seamless and intelligent meetings.


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