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Televic’s Cutting-Edge Conferencing Microphone Take Center Stage

Conferencing Microphones for Everyday Communication

In the dynamic world of audio-visual technology, Televic stands out as a leading innovator, particularly in the realm of conferencing microphones. AVNation’s Tim Albright recently caught up with Peter Papageorge from Televic at the CTI national sales meeting to delve into the company’s core offerings and the exciting developments in their conferencing systems.

Televic’s Core Focus on Conferencing Microphones:

Tim kicks off the interview by getting a quick overview of Televic’s primary focus. Peter explains that at the core of Televic’s offerings are discussion microphones, each equipped with a built-in speaker. This holds true for both wireless and wired units, including video-enabled devices. The goal is to bring audio to the forefront of communication, a mission that gained heightened significance during the pandemic-driven shift to hybrid communication methods.

The Impact of the Pandemic on Televic’s Expansion:

The pandemic not only changed the way we communicate but also acted as a catalyst for Televic’s expansion into the AV market over the last two years. The increased demand for versatile audio solutions in hybrid communication settings accelerated Televic’s push into new territories, making their conferencing microphones indispensable tools for businesses adapting to the changing landscape.

Introduction of DSP Mode:

One standout feature in Televic’s arsenal is the DSP mode, as Peter elaborates. This mode represents a significant leap forward, allowing Televic’s microphones and speakers to integrate seamlessly into broader AV designs. Unlike traditional standalone units, the DSP mode enables Televic’s hardware to connect to Dante or AES67, providing a deeper level of integration into diverse audio-visual setups. This innovative approach is a first in the niche industry, setting Televic apart as a pioneer in conferencing technology.

How to Learn More About Televic Conferencing Microphones

For those eager to explore Televic’s cutting-edge conferencing solutions, Peter directs them to the company’s official website, With U.S. offices and a global presence, Televic ensures accessibility for interested parties worldwide. This commitment to widespread availability underscores Televic’s dedication to providing top-notch conferencing solutions on a global scale.

Televic’s interview with AVNation at the CTI national sales meeting sheds light on the company’s commitment to revolutionizing conferencing technology. With a focus on discussion microphones and the innovative DSP mode, Televic continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the AV industry. As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of communication, Televic’s conferencing microphones emerge as crucial tools for enhancing audio experiences in both virtual and hybrid settings. Explore more about Televic’s advancements at and stay tuned for the latest updates in conferencing technology.


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