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Elevating Consistent Audio with Biamp’s Launch

Ensuring Consistent Audio Across Room Deployments

In a recent interview at the CTI National Sales Meeting, Tim Albright talked with Ward Wasmer from Biamp to delve into the realm of room deployments. The spotlight of their conversation was on a game-changing tool known as Launch, which promises to transform the way we perceive and implement audio configurations. With a focus on delivering a seamless and uniform experience, Launch stands out as a beacon in the pursuit of consistent audio.

Over the past few years, Biamp has been a pioneer in developing intelligent configurators and deployers, simplifying the intricate process of setting up audio systems. However, Launch takes this simplicity to new heights, allowing Biamp to deliver rooms with a remarkable level of repeatability and consistency, all at the push of a button.

Launch with One Button

Wasmer elaborates on the functionalities of Launch, detailing how it facilitates automatic device discovery. Once all devices are interconnected, Launch scans the network, identifies each device, and proceeds to conduct a series of tests using tones. These tones provide crucial data about the acoustic environment in the space, setting the stage for Launch to optimize Biamp’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and configure settings automatically.

The beauty of Launch lies in its ability to achieve a level of precision and uniformity that was previously unattainable through manual configurations. Wasmer emphasizes the significance of this tool for IT managers and procurement officers, highlighting its role in creating a Consistent Audio experience for end users.

Consistent Audio Across All Rooms

For IT managers and procurement officers, Launch presents a transformative solution. The tool’s ability to create a uniform room-to-room feel ensures that end users encounter a consistent audio experience across different spaces. This represents a paradigm shift from the challenges associated with manual configurations, offering a standardized audio environment that significantly enhances end-user satisfaction.

Wasmer acknowledges the limitations of achieving such consistency manually, emphasizing that with human hands alone, it’s an impossible feat. Launch, however, introduces a level of automation and precision that not only saves time and resources but also guarantees a superior and consistent audio experience.

Diving Deeper with Biamp

Launch by Biamp emerges as a revolutionary advancement in the realm of room deployments, especially in the pursuit of consistent audio. The tool’s automation of device discovery, optimization of acoustic environments, and provision of detailed reports set a new standard for uniformity and efficiency. As industries evolve, solutions like Launch become indispensable, shaping seamless and reliable audio experiences for end users across diverse environments. For those eager to explore this groundbreaking technology further, Wasmer directs them to visit The website serves as a comprehensive hub, providing detailed information about Launch and other innovative solutions offered by Biamp.


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