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Video Wall Warranties from Daktronics

Elevating Video Wall Excellence

In an exclusive interview at the CTI National Sales Meeting, Quinn Rice from Daktronics engaged with Tim Albright of AVNation to delve into the dynamic world of video walls. Their conversation centered around Daktronics’ innovative approach to pixel pitch and the diverse warranty options offered across their product series.

Pixel pitch, as explained by Quinn Rice, is the physical space between pixels on an LED display, determining the optimal viewing distance. Daktronics, recognized for versatility, offers pixel pitch as low as 0.7, designed for high-resolution environments such as command and control spaces. This flexibility is crucial, especially in military applications where a 7- pitch is essential for precise data visualization through drone footage by operators.

American Made

Digging deeper into Daktronics’ product series, Quinn provided insights into variations in warranties. The 6000 series, proudly manufactured in the United States, boasts an impressive 10-year warranty along with parts access. Originating from Brookings, South Dakota, this series incorporates a proprietary Daktronics ProLink product, ensuring a comprehensive solution. In contrast, the 5000 series offers an 8-year warranty and parts access, catering to diverse needs within the interior space and ranging from 0.7 to 3.8 Pixel pitch.

This deep dive into Daktronics’ video walls, pixel pitch innovations, and extended warranties, coupled with their commitment to American manufacturing, highlights the company’s dedication to providing unparalleled visual experiences across various industries. As the demand for high-resolution displays continues to soar, Daktronics stands at the forefront, shaping the future of visual excellence and reinforcing national security standards.

Quinn Rice emphasized the importance of pixel pitch flexibility, catering to applications ranging from large venues to high school end zone billboards. For instance, a 0.7 pixel pitch is ideal for environments demanding high resolution, such as command and control spaces or military applications where precise data interpretation is crucial.

Video Wall Upgraded

What sets Daktronics apart is not just their innovative technology but also the fact that their products are proudly manufactured in the United States. This carries significant weight, especially in government and military installations where security is paramount. Knowing that Daktronics’ video walls, including the 6000 series with a 10-year warranty, are produced domestically provides an extra layer of assurance for government clients.

Pixel pitch options cater to a spectrum of applications, and warranties ensure longevity and support, solidifying Daktronics’ position as a leader in the dynamic world of video walls. For more insights and visual wonders, visit The website serves as a centralized hub of information on interior and exterior products, sports solutions, and HSPR products. Daktronics warmly welcomes visitors to discover the breadth of their visual innovation and technological prowess.


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