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Enhancing Collaboration in the Digital Space with DTEN

Teams-Certified Collaboration

Tim Albright of AVNation caught up with David Silberstein from DTEN at the CTI National Sales Meeting, diving into the realm of digital collaboration and the significant strides DTEN has made, especially with its recent announcement regarding Team-certified products.

In the heart of St. Louis, the conversation began with the camaraderie between Tim and David, highlighting the excitement of meeting in person. David then unveiled DTEN’s major announcement – the expansion of their product line into Team-certified solutions. While DTEN initially made waves by integrating seamlessly with Zoom, the company has now broadened its horizons to include an entire line of Team-certified products, ranging from a 55-inch screen to a substantial 75-inch display. Not only that, but the Mate controller completes the package, ensuring compatibility for small and large meeting rooms alike.

Teams and Zoom

What sets DTEN apart is not only its Team certification but also its strategic partnership with Microsoft. Drawing parallels to their successful collaboration with Zoom in the past, DTEN is now working closely with Microsoft to develop products specifically tailored for the Teams environment. This forward-looking approach showcases DTEN’s commitment to staying at the forefront of digital collaboration technology.

Albright highlighted the significance of DTEN’s position, holding certifications from two major platforms – Zoom and Teams. He referenced a study from two years ago that identified over 200 soft codecs, emphasizing the dominance and relevance of Zoom and Teams in the collaboration space. The interview then dove into the nuances of collaboration, particularly in the realms of IT and education.

AI and Collaboration

In the Zoom environment, DTEN collaborates on features like the “intelligent director,” which frames individuals in shots with multiple cameras capturing distinct faces. Conversely, in the Teams environment, DTEN addresses features like “front row” and co-pilot, catering to the distinct requirements of Microsoft’s collaboration platform. David Silberstein emphasized the importance of being a true partner to these software manufacturers, creating hardware that seamlessly integrates and enhances the overall user experience.

The collaborative efforts between hardware and software manufacturers extend beyond basic video conferencing features. DTEN is actively involved in developing solutions for virtual receptionists and workplace reservations, aligning with the evolving needs of remote and hybrid work environments.

DTEN’s venture into Team-certified products and its strategic collaboration with Microsoft signal a forward-thinking approach to digital collaboration technology. The interview with AVNation showcases how DTEN’s commitment to collaboration goes beyond software compatibility, aiming to create an integrated and enhanced collaborative experience for users across diverse industries. For those seeking more information about DTEN’s innovative solutions, David directed them to visit The website serves as a comprehensive hub, offering insights into both the Zoom and Teams-certified products. Additionally, you can connect with David on various platforms, including Twitter and LinkedIn.


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