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Epson’s Extreme Ultra Short Throw Projector: A Revolution in Visual Display

Short throw projector magic

In an engaging conversation at the CTI National Sales Team meeting, Tim Albright introduces Colleen Eckles from Epson, unveiling an addition to Epson’s projector lineup – the Extreme Ultra Short Throw projector. While these types of projectors have long been a staple in the industry, Epson’s iteration takes it to the next level, offering an unprecedented 120-inch diagonal display from a mere one-inch throw.

Colleen Eckles goes into the projector’s capabilities, emphasizing its extraordinary versatility. This projector isn’t just about size; it goes beyond, delivering an impressive 160-inch diagonal display from just a one-foot throw. This technological leap is complemented by the introduction of a unique 21:9 aspect ratio, meticulously designed to elevate the meeting room experience.

Flexibility in Design

The adaptability of this projector extends beyond its throw distance; Epson offers it in both black and white, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into various environments. The projector’s flexibility in mounting options is a key highlight – whether ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted with a short-throw arm, or integrated into custom-made credenzas by brands like Salamander – providing solutions for every setting.

Albright and Eckles explore the practical applications of short-throw projectors, emphasizing their significance in scenarios where a traditional long-throw projector might be impractical or obstructed. Colleen Eckles emphasizes that this projector from Epson is meticulously designed to minimize shadowing, making it an ideal fit for environments with speakers upfront or heavy traffic.

As the demand for cutting-edge projection solutions continues to rise, Epson’s Extreme Ultra Short Throw projector emerges as a frontrunner, setting new standards for visual excellence, adaptability, and practicality in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Short Throw Projector Power

The adaptability of short-throw projectors is a game-changer. In spaces where flexibility is crucial, the extreme ultra-short throw from Epson allows users to maximize their display potential without compromising on space. The ability to mount it in various ways ensures that it seamlessly integrates into any room setup, providing an immersive visual experience. It also solves a major problem of presenters and teachers standing in the projector beam’s path.

Epson’s projector signifies a significant leap in visual innovation. Its ability to deliver a large display from minimal distances, coupled with the adaptable aspect ratio and versatile mounting options, positions it as a game-changer for various applications. The interview with AVNation provides an insightful glimpse into the projector’s capabilities, showcasing how Epson remains at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of visual technology.

For those eager to explore Epson’s cutting-edge projector solutions, Colleen directs them to reach out at or visit The Epson website serves as a comprehensive hub, offering valuable insights into the extensive range of projector technologies and solutions the company provides.


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