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Why Corporate Broadcast Matters for Imagine Communications

Reliability and Reach with Corporate Broadcast

As Dave Buck from Imagine Communications explained in his recent interview at the CTI National Sales meeting, corporate broadcast centers have been evolving rapidly thanks to new media and communications technology. While Imagine has focused on traditional broadcast infrastructure and reliability for the past century, they are now expanding capabilities for Fortune 500 companies and higher education seeking to reach employees and students reliably.

What does this shift towards corporate broadcast mean? In short, it enables large organizations to efficiently distribute messages and content at scale. As Buck noted, “One of our biggest customers, they have a thousand products. How do the engineers and the product managers meet and greet, you know, 10,000 employees across the globe?” Advanced AV and video distribution solutions empower global teams to connect and align.

A key selling point for these corporate broadcast solutions, Buck emphasized, is reliability. Companies need to “get their message out…reliably” with minimal downtime or distractions fixing tech issues. Smooth corporate communications allow organizations to stay focused on core goals rather than troubleshooting.

Building Blocks of Broadcast

Imagine Communications facilitates this through flexible tools to route video anywhere needed within an organization. This can involve solutions to ingest content from diverse sources, store it in central databases, edit pieces together, encode streams for different formats and devices, and finally distribute video to any screen.

As Buck summarized, while Imagine doesn’t build cameras or monitors themselves, “we build everything in between.” The backbone enabling seamless content distribution ranges from routing hardware to automation software and more. Companies can choose solutions tailored to their use case, enhancing reach and reliability.

Corporate Broadcast is Your Story

By ensuring broadcast centers function dependably as “Legos for big kids,” Imagine lets customers focus on broadcasting messages, not the tech behind them. Rather than wasting resources overseeing repairs, teams can dedicate efforts towards innovation and growth.

Reliable corporate broadcast solutions thereby provide key infrastructure allowing enterprises to progress. With strong foundations handling content routing and distribution behind the scenes, companies can better inform, align, and motivate at-scale audiences worldwide. The results are more engagement, cohesion, and impact across global organizations.


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