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How Broadcast Technology Scales with You

Broadcast Technology from Rookie to Pro

As AV Nation host Tim Albright reminisced on the NewTek TriCaster as one of his first video switchers nearly 20 years ago, VizRT’s Justin Miller explained how far broadcast technology has come. Today’s solutions like VizRT can scale from basic two-camera shoots to immersive gameday broadcast experiences and full-scale production studios.

Miller emphasizes VizRT’s versatility in meeting diverse client broadcast technology needs – from houses of worship to top-tier broadcasters. The key is maintaining an intuitive platform that customers can master and expand on rather than changing UIs that require retraining. VizRT strives for consistency across products so that “once you learn one, you know all of them.”

New Farm System

This allows the same foundational broadcast technology software to scale up over time. A school could purchase an entry-level TriCaster for middle school students to learn video production, then upgrade to more advanced broadcast systems with additional capabilities as programs grow. Even advanced multi-camera setups retain familiar interfaces so operators ramp up easily without starting over.

Significantly, while VizRT broadcast systems can handle extremely intricate productions with macro programming, they don’t have to. As Miller says, “I always say that they are as…simple or as complicated as you’d like them to be.” Novice users can leverage simplicity and presets for multicamera recording and streaming, while experts take control customizing every aspect for broadcast channels and networks.

This balance makes the technology accessible for beginners experimenting with basic broadcast tools, while still providing an upgrade path towards professional live event and studio broadcasting. Miller confirms the key takeaway is that “it will scale with you.” Starting hands-on teaches fundamentals from switching between feeds to adding real-time graphics, ensuring operators grasp capabilities to expand in bigger future rollouts.

Broadcast Technology the Grows with You

An organization could begin with having students produce multicamera streams of school concerts. Once they master the workflows, the school upgrades to a large-scale system for broadcasting sports across social media platforms and airing on local channels. Students trained on entry equipment seamlessly transition to the new tools thanks to their broad applicability.

The same operator may advance from small student productions to directing broadcasts reaching millions worldwide. Or a house of worship could evolve their reach from local sermon streaming to global Christian television channels. The technology equally scales whether an individual’s or organization’s goals advance across months or decades.

By meeting users at their level yet providing an upgrade path over time, VizRT fuels broadcast dreams for all levels. Whether an organization seeks basic streaming or to host the next World Cup, VizRT solutions allow building broadcast capabilities without needing to relearn core platforms. That accessible scaling empowers the next generation of broadcast leaders.


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