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Revolutionizing AV Installations: A Closer Look at L egrand’s Tempo On Wall System

In a recent interview during CTI’s National Sales Meeting, Tim Albright delved into the innovative world of AV installations with David Lincoln from Legrand AV, exploring the game-changing Tempo On Wall system. As the conversation unfolded, Lincoln provided insights into the design philosophy behind Tempo On Wall and its profound impact on the AV industry, particularly for university tech managers and corporate AV IT managers.

Tempo On Wall represents a ground-up redesign of mounting systems, addressing the evolving needs of modern conference rooms and installations. Recognizing the trend of increased equipment behind displays, Lincoln emphasized the necessity of creating space to accommodate these changes. The mount’s articulating design allows for a 13-inch pull-out range, facilitating easy access for service and adjustments.

The articulating mount not only streamlines service calls but also translates into significant cost and labor savings. Lincoln explained that with Tempo On Wall, a single technician can efficiently handle tasks that might have required a larger team in the past. This results in reduced labor hours and, subsequently, a noticeable impact on cost savings for organizations with internal AV teams.

Tim Albright raised the crucial point of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), highlighting how every service call contributes to this metric. Lincoln agreed, stressing that minimizing service visits through efficient solutions like Tempo On Wall directly reduces the TCO. Whether dealing with internal teams or external integrators, the mount’s accessibility and streamlined design result in long-term financial benefits.

One unique feature of Tempo On Wall is its resistance to the common issue of mounts tilting or drooping over time. With a secure salt tooth pattern, the mount maintains stability, preventing the need for frequent adjustments. This locked-in design ensures that even after service visits, the display remains precisely as intended.


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