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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Get your Fibaro training, locally

Become Fibaro certified

Chicago, IL –  FIBARO, a leading global manufacturer of wireless intelligent home automation and control devices, is growing its installer base in the US and has built out an aggressive training program to provided skilled professionals — including residential and commercial AV installers, electricians and practitioners within the construction industry — with the practical knowledge and expertise required to specify and install Fibaro systems in today’s dramatically developing smart home market.
The certified Fibaro system installer training can be completed in one day and has been designed to provide attendees with practical knowledge of the design, configuration and implementation of the Fibaro smart home system. The program begins with a 101 training and evolves into hands-on training provided directly from Fibaro or by a specialized Fibaro Distributor.
“Fibaro’s installer training provided the perfect mix of product training and a detailed introduction to the smart home, as well as the Z-Wave platform,” said Justin Lee, a recently certified Fibaro Installer from Ergo Structures Inc. located in Toronto, Canada. “There are very few smart home platform manufacturers offering such detail-oriented training sessions; it was a great opportunity to not only learn about the products, but the broader smart home installation market as well.”
Completion of the training earns each participant an individualized certificate verifying the recipient as a Fibaro system expert and access to the Fibaro Academy portal which supplies dedicated professionals with advanced training and video materials as well as sales and technical support during the installation and design of the newly certified installer’s first customers. Successful completion of the certified installation training is also the first step to becoming a Fibaro dealer and the ability to buy directly from one of Fibaro’s certified distributors.
Why become a certified Fibaro system installer?
Voice integration with every major platform
Fibaro is one of the few premium smart home hub and device manufacturers to offer homeowners their choice of voice control platform to control lights, blinds, security devices and customize scenes with simple voice commands. All three of the major voice assistants (Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa) allow for verbal interaction with Fibaro devices and Fibaro continues to expand the number of voice commands for each platform.
An intelligent multimedia center
New to 2018, the Fibaro system is compatible with devices from leading AV brands including, Bose, Sonos, Yamaha, Russound, iEast, Bang & Oulfsen, Musaic, Cocktail Audio, Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon, Nuvo, and others. When integrated directly into the Fibaro system, these compatible multimedia devices can be programmed to perform specific actions in sync with smart home scenes and automations performed by the Fibaro system expanding the capabilities of the system beyond smart home control and security.
Safety at your fingertips
The Fibaro system works with other well-known IoT companies such as Yale, August, Danlock and DSC to ensure safety and security within the home. When paired with compatible smart door locks or door/window sensors, the Fibaro system can query the home for system status to see if key access points such as the front door, back door, or first floor windows are unlocked or opened and be used to remotely lock the door from anywhere in the world.
Over 175 additional smart integrations
Fibaro continues to design and manufacture HomeKit and Z-Wave compatible devices and with over 175 smart integrations, the Fibaro system has been designed to work with all aspects of the connected home. Users can control and personalize all the devices and scenes within their Fibaro system whether they are home or away via the intuitive desktop platform or Z-Wave or HomeKit apps on their smartphone or connected device.
To date, Fibaro has trained over 3,500 professional installers worldwide. The certified Fibaro system installer training is free and those interested in enrolling can do so via www.fibaro.com/installer or by contacting a current Fibaro distributor for more details.
Fibaro is also interested in adding to its list of talented sales partners and encourages dealers to reach out directly to Dominik Jęchorek at d.jechorek@fibargroup.com for more information.
For more information about Fibaro please visit: www.fibaro.com/us.


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