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Display Mount Tempo Revolutionizing Installations

Legrand AV Display Mount for Servicing

At the recent CTI National Sales Meeting, Legrand AV’s Mike Heinrich shared an exciting development with AVNation’s Tim Albright – the groundbreaking Tempo Mount. More than a conventional display mount, Heinrich revealed that Legrand AV conceptualized the Tempo Mount as a comprehensive system designed to meet the multifaceted needs of customers. The goal was to go beyond providing a simple mounting bracket and instead offer a solution that encompasses storage, serviceability, power connectivity, and ease of installation, all wrapped up in a single, sleek package.

The Tempo Mount is a manifestation of this ambitious vision, featuring carefully designed features that set it apart from traditional display mounts. Integrated storage compartments on both sides offer a convenient solution for securing small hardware or devices, providing a practical and efficient way to keep essential tools at hand. The articulating scissor arm, with an impressive 12 inches of pullout, facilitates easy access for technicians servicing equipment behind the display, adding a layer of convenience that was previously lacking. Additionally, the mount boasts toolless micro-adjustments, simplifying the installation process, especially for single-stud installations, and contributing to a hassle-free user experience.


Built for AV Users

What makes Tempo truly stand out is its ability to consolidate these diverse capabilities into one mount, streamlining SKU management for integrators. Heinrich highlighted that while Legrand AV previously addressed these customer needs with individual products, the Tempo Mount ingeniously combines them into a well-engineered, all-in-one unit. This not only enhances efficiency for integrators but also reflects a forward-thinking approach to design and functionality.

The technical specifications of the Tempo Mount further position it as a reliable choice for demanding installations. Its robust design can support displays weighing up to 200 pounds, and internal extreme testing has demonstrated successful load-bearing of up to an impressive 960 pounds before wall failure. The mount accommodates 400 x 952 VESA patterns out of the box, with extensions available to support 650 mm patterns, providing flexibility to fit various display configurations. Additionally, an optional 7-outlet power strip can be neatly mounted onto the arm, enhancing convenience and functionality by providing power connectivity right where it’s needed.

Next-Gen Display Mount

Mike Heinrich envisions the Tempo Mount as a true game-changer for the industry. By seamlessly blending premium materials, integrated features, and mounting flexibility, Tempo offers professional integrators a display mount that precisely caters to their needs. This all-in-one system significantly reduces installation time and effort, eliminating the complexities of piecing together separate components and streamlining the entire process.

For those eager to delve even deeper into the Tempo Mount and its capabilities, detailed information is readily available at LegrandAV.com. With its unique combination of design and functionality, the Tempo Mount is poised to become a staple in Legrand AV’s catalog, setting a new standard for sleek yet functional display installations.

The full interview, originally featured on AV Nation TV (Aviation.tv), provides an in-depth look at Legrand AV’s extensive product range, with a specific focus on showcasing the innovative Tempo Mount during the high-profile annual CTI gathering of AV professionals. As we explore the future of effortless display installations with Legrand AV’s Tempo Mount, it becomes evident that it is not just a product; it’s a transformative solution that is reshaping the landscape of display mounting solutions.


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