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Empowering Collaborative Classrooms with Kramer AV

USB-C Enables Collaborative Classrooms

In response to the escalating demand for USB-C connectivity within the professional AV industry, Kramer AV has undergone a transformative expansion of its collaboration offerings in the past year. The surge in USB-C adoption, as highlighted by Cole Barnes, a Kramer AV representative at the recent CTI National Sales Meeting, has spurred the company’s architects to design groundbreaking USB products tailored for collaborative classrooms and a myriad of applications.

A standout in Kramer’s evolving lineup is a forthcoming, full-featured USB-C cable poised to redefine industry standards with an extraordinary 164-foot range. Anticipated for release by the end of 2022 or early 2023, this extended-length cable is set to revolutionize USB signal extension and management possibilities. Complementing this, Kramer’s booth showcased a state-of-the-art USB-C wall plate featuring HDMI output, effectively addressing architectural integration needs.


Conferencing with C

While USB-C cables and connectivity are pivotal elements of Kramer’s collaboration vision, the company’s portfolio extends far beyond, offering a comprehensive suite of collaboration products. Ranging from conference cameras to wireless presentation systems, Kramer demonstrated its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of modern collaborative environments at the CTI event. Notable among these offerings is the K-BAR video bar—a versatile device seamlessly integrating a web conferencing camera, a purpose-built sound bar for unified communication apps, and advanced auto-tracking features.

Another technological gem unveiled at CTI was Kramer’s VIA Connect 2 wireless presentation and collaboration system. Attendees were treated to a demonstration showcasing VIA Connect 2’s ability to facilitate effortless wireless screen sharing from any device, coupled with robust support for USB peripheral connectivity over the network. To accommodate non-technical presenters, the system also features a fallback HDMI input for instant wired screen sharing.

Beyond Collaborative Classroom

Barnes emphasized the strategic significance of collaboration solutions within Kramer, citing their emergence as a major focus area. The extensive lineup caters to the evolving needs of modern meeting rooms, providing solutions for simple and reliable wireless presentations, cutting-edge cameras, audio conferencing, and more. Seamless integration with leading UC platforms ensures an optimized experience across the entire technology stack.

For those eager to delve into Kramer’s comprehensive catalog, detailed product information, resources, and contacts are available at Beyond the virtual realm, Kramer maintains an active presence at trade shows and partner events, solidifying its commitment to engagement and collaboration within the pro AV industry.

This interview, originally featured on AV Nation TV (, not only highlights Kramer AV’s commitment to innovation but also serves as a glimpse into the latest collaboration technology showcased annually at the CTI National Sales Meeting. Explore the forefront of collaborative classrooms with Kramer AV’s cutting-edge USB-C solutions, where connectivity meets innovation to empower the collaborative spaces of tomorrow.


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